Saborino tired of mask rich moisturizer type 28 pieces

Saborino tired of mask rich moisturizer type 28 pieces



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Easy 60 seconds care of tired night! !
Just stick to the bath rising and the skin after cleansing, dispense at once the night before of care “Saborino tired of mask”
It is rich moisturizing type to provide a more tightly-rich moisture.

■ Motchiri moisture and refresh! In a piece of happy 5in1 function to tired night! !
In 60 seconds [lotion + milky lotion + essence + cream + pack] is complete!
Intensive penetration * while the moisture in the thick rich milk, and prepares to moisture beautiful skin of rice cake rice cake.
Troublesome night care as well, simple to securely care.

Until the stratum corneum

■ The moisture concentration penetration, care until the horny
Blended lavender flower extract, fig fruit extract, milk extract, raspberry extract, moisturizing ingredients such as night rice of the skin, such as peppermint leaf extract.
In addition also horny care component of malic acid.

■ after 60 seconds immediately Oyasumi!
In the bath up and washing the face after only 60 seconds put the mask, complete all the troublesome care for tired night.
Since put to sleep as soon as you peel, you dampening moist rich holding the skin in Oyasumi.

■ Ingredients
Rosehip Extract (Kaninabara fruit extract) / raspberry extract / Raspberry extract (Oniichigo root extract) / figs fruit extract (Schizosaccharomyces / fig fruit fermented liquid) / milk extract / honey / soluble collagen / Ripijua R * / hyaluronate Na / peat extract
Malic acid (Keratin Care)
Lavender flower extract / peppermint leaf extract / wild thyme extract / Sakuya rose extract

(More, all moisturizing ingredients)

Vitamin C derivatives (ascorbyl glucoside) / Vitamin E (tocopherol) blending
※ both products of the anti-oxidant

■ sweet floral scent of milk berry
Wrapped in the smell of slightly sweet milk berry, it invites you to relax comfortable sleep.

Weight 418 g