Refill DHC Medicated Scalp Care Shampoo

Refill DHC Medicated Scalp Care Shampoo



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For economical refill. Evolutionary scalp shampoo to prevent the “stickiness”, “smell”, “dandruff itch”
Of “DHC medicinal Scalp Care Shampoo”, it is for the eco-deals refill.

“DHC medicinal Scalp Care Shampoo” is a shampoo of medicinal prescription to prevent stickiness and smell, dandruff itching.
In evolution and rich lather with excellent cleansing power was, of hair and scalp dirt, wash off clean excess sebum and dead skin clogged pores. In addition, and components derived from corn in the cleaning component, by adopting the amino acid-based component in which the palm oil as a raw material, tenderness and low stimulation was achieved at the same time. DHC the hair and scalp to release from sticky with your own prescription, and then shut out the odor and dandruff itching to be worried about.
In addition, in the triple care essence blending, centralized repair the damage of the hair while established a scalp environment. Supports the beautiful state a healthy scalp and hair in total. While a light finish and refreshing, less likely to creak, to protect the important cuticle.

● refreshing citrus tea scent.
Uncolored, paraben free and natural ingredients, silicon free.

Prevent dandruff itching. Prevent sweat odor of hair scalp. The hair scalp to clean. Keep the hair-scalp healthy.

Realization because medicated! “Triple clear prescription” unpleasant “stickiness”, “smell” cut off from the original “dandruff itch”!
It aims to solve the problem of the scalp and hair from the root, develop their own “triple clear prescription”. Trimmed to a healthy scalp environment in certain skills by sebum secretion suppression component ※ 1 and medicinal prescription ※ 2, will persist is refreshing exhilarating hair from the root.

※ 1 N- octanoyl glycine, seaweed extract
※ 2 glycyrrhizin dipotassium compounded

Approach rich beauty hair support component is in the “deep end of the hair”, “hair surface,” “scalp”!
In order to maintain the beautiful hair and scalp, DHC has pursued a complex manner to care prescribe the “deep end of the hair”, “hair surface,” “scalp”. And, to penetrate to the deep portion of the hair to repair the damage and “collagen”, give moisture to the scalp and hair “olive virgin oil”, established a scalp environment to support a beautiful and healthy hair “eucalyptus extract” adopt its own compounded triple care essence. Leading to a healthy scalp and beautiful hair every time you use.

A refreshing bath time in the scent of citrus tea
Grapefruit and lemon, and juicy with fresh citrus, such as bergamot, the herb of essential oils, such as time and eucalyptus, was plus the smell of fresh green tea. In fragrance that can refresh the body and mind, please enjoy a refreshing bath time.

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