Curel foam shampoo Refill 380ml

Curel foam shampoo Refill 380ml




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While protecting the essential components “ceramide” for healthy scalp, it drops clean the sebum and dirt (mild cleansing formulation). Soft foam coming out with the push of a pump is Yukiwatari to the hair and scalp, you wash off quickly the scalp of dirt and sebum. Prevent dandruff and itching. Plant-derived anti-inflammatory agents (active ingredients). You can use it to the delicate skin of the baby. Weak acid, Unscented unpigmented alcohol free (ethyl alcohol not added) (quasi-drug)

Material composition
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate *, water, laureth sulfate Na, concentrated glycerin, stearic acid POE sorbitan, lauryl hydroxy sulfobetaine solution, glycerin mono-isodecyl ether, POE (23) lauryl ether, cocoyl glutamic acid Na, chloride trimethylammonio hydroxy propyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, acrylamide-acrylic acid-dimethyldiallylammonium chloride copolymer fluids, cetanol, sunflower oil -2, eucalyptus oil, myristyl alcohol, succinic acid, DL-malic acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide solution, tocopherol acetate, edetate, benzoate * the “active ingredient” no-display “other components”

Aroma, color and taste
○ Unscented ○ uncolored

Please note that at the time of refill
Please refilling sure to use pre-bottle of “[type out with foam] Curel foam shampoo (Curél foam shampoo)”.
Liquid type or other foam type (whole body cleanser, hand soap, etc.) Please do not refill to. It will not press the pump as not to foam.

Please refilling the total amount from filling up your sure to ●.
● shirttail, please do not.
● Please do not mix those of other products and different serial number.

the inside of the bottle and the pump part before refill wash well with tap water, please be drained. Pump part is press a few times in the upside down, please remain liquid even fully out into the pump.
• After refill, please note of the serial number at the bottom of the pack. It may be necessary at the time of the inquiries.
· In order to hygienically’ll use it, after the refill two to three times, we recommend that you replace it with the new container.

Please note that at the time of use after the refill
The container or shaking, please use not or tilt. Bubbles will no longer press does not pump out.

please note
● scratch the scalp, do not use when a rash and abnormal
● stop using If you get irritation and other abnormalities, consult to Kawafu psychiatrist
● care not to enter the eye, when you enter it is, wash away soon enough

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