[2 drugs] Takeda herbal laxative 120 tablets

[2 drugs] Takeda herbal laxative 120 tablets



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Description of item

“Takeda herbal laxative 120 tablets” is a formulation based on the Chinese medicine prescription formulated with “licorice” the agent to “rhubarb” herbal “rhubarb licorice hot water (the Great liver Tou)”, natural Totonoe the movement of the large intestine It is a laxative to encourage you through close to. Licorice help the action of the rhubarb, it encourages gentle defecation. ● when it comes to drink the night before, also relaxation such as the next morning you obtained your through close naturally ● Hari (abdominal distension) of the stomach due to constipation, rash

how to use

Once a day for the next amount, before going to bed with water or hot water, it can be taken without chewing. ● 15 years of age or older mild constipation (when there is no 2 to 3 days bowel movement): (when there is no bowel movement for more than 4 days) 1 tablet to 3 tablets stubborn constipation: 2 tablets to 4 tablets ● 5-year-old to 14-year-old mild constipation (2 If you do not have to 3 days bowel movement): when half tablets – there is no bowel movement for more than one tablet half stubborn constipation (4 days): 1 tablet to 2 tablets ● less than 5 years of age: because the tablet that you do not take that contains the secant , while looking at the condition of the bowel movement, (up to the maximum amount of the above) increased by a half tablets to 1 tablet or weight loss to that. [Note related to the dosage and administration (1) in the case to be taken to the children, be taken under the supervision of their parents. (2) to adhere to the dosage regimen. (3) The following people to be conservative the dose. People who are debilitated of the body, a person at the time of menstruation (4) the first time the use of a minimum amount. (5) improvement of bowel movements to reduce the amount when you are seen, to open the dosing interval.


Containing the following ingredients in a 4 tablets (more than 15-year-old of the maximum daily dose). Rhubarb licorice hot water extract variance (Jin Gui Yao Lue, 26.7 percent weight): 800mg (rhubarb: 1,067mg, licorice: 267mg than extraction) Additives: silicic anhydride, [note relating to the components cellulose, carmellose Ca, Mg stearate (1) your urine may take on an orange to red by taking this drug, but do not worry because they are due to rhubarb. (2) because the products using herbal medicines, there is a slightly different color tone of the tablet by the product, but no different in effect.

Standard specification

Abdominal bloating, breakouts associated with constipation, constipation (acne), abnormal intestinal fermentation-the-Zuomo, hot flashes, eczema, dermatitis, anorexia (loss of appetite) of symptoms such as relaxation


(1) To keep sealed in a cool place with low humidity not exposed to direct sunlight. (2) Keep out of reach of children. (3) Do not replaced with other container (change the quality or causing the abuse). (4) filling in the bottle, be throw away after opening the lid (stuffed again become Moto quality includes the moisture changes and put in a bottle. Padding, that the tablet is damaged during transport it is intended to prevent). (5) firmly occupy that the bottle lid each time of taking (moisture absorption and change the quality). (6) to the “open date” entry column of boxes and bottles, to fill in the date of opening the bottle. (7) product past the expiration date should not be taken. (8) once after opening, as soon as possible to take to be a guide within 6 months from the opening date in terms of quality preservation. [Constipation advice of eliminating] for those who want to cure constipation: If you use laxatives over a long period of time, you tend to be less likely effectiveness and gradually not increase the amount. In order to regain the habit of regular bowel movements, let’s note the following. 1. Let the habit of defecation. Let’s go to the toilet once a fixed time of 1 day (after breakfast is ideal). Urge to have a bowel movement is that you do not put up with. 2. Let’s strong abdominal muscles. Abdominal massage, twisting the body exercise, let’s make it easier to defecation and strong abdominal muscles in and swimming. 3 – Let’s attention to diet. When you wake up in the morning, drinking cold water or milk, more food of fruits and vegetables such as plugs 維質 many eat Let’s encourage the movement of the intestine.