To never been things! Surutcha

To never been things! Surutcha



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The person who Pokkori in the diet is a concern. Only sleep drink, happy delicious feeling. In addition to candles Bush, and oodles blended 10 kinds of material derived from nature, peace of mind even before the rest still in the non-caffeine. In savory pigeon barley tea flavor, it is a refreshing delicious diet support tea every day. Handy tea bag type.


Candle bush, pearl barley, black beans, hub grass, corn, corn silk, Houttuynia, Sanpenzu, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, loquat leaf, Kukoha

how to use

This product 1 package poured boiling water about 250ml of more than 90 ℃, served in the depth of your choice. Put this product 1 package of water <boiled> 500ml, please be boiled to the depth of your choice. Even in ice if Hiyase in the refrigerator ◎ <depth indication> the first one-diluted … 3 minutes, usually … 3 to 5 minutes, to guide the darker … 5 to 10 minutes ※ 1 cup a day, drink too much and depth Please note also. It may stomach becomes too loose a large amount to drink. In addition, while the depth adjustment, please enjoy.


○ Please note that burns in hot water. ○ bad condition of the stomach and those of diarrhea feeling is, please do not eat. ○ Because there are individual differences, it is how to drink please be appropriately adjusted. ○ component of tea leaves might be precipitated or suspended, but the quality is not a problem. ○ medicine towards the or in hospital while taking is, Before you eat, please consult your doctor. During pregnancy, those who breast-feeding please refrain from drinking. ○ infants, Please keep out of the reach of children. ○ If you have food allergies, check on the raw material name, please enjoy. ○ event, if you feel an abnormality in the body, please discontinue use. For ○ This product are using the plant-derived material, there may be a slight difference in color tone or the like is generated, but the quality is not a problem. ○ after opening as soon as possible, please enjoy. ○ peace of mind to you enjoy serving as, Although every effort has been made to the safety of the product, by some chance, it will be replaced when there is inconvenience to quality.

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