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Such as silk, to the hair with a light and shine. Washes gently is dense and fluffy foam of plant-derived ingredients, and leads to good smooth hair of the finger as expected in the smooth.

New texture that leads to the ideal hair

It was realized sharpen the power of the plant “BOTANIST PREMIUM”.
Moist and moisture feeling and nice smooth sense of finger as expected.
Has been and it is difficult to fulfill at the same time
Appeared hair care series leading to the ideal texture.
Lightly dance one by one is, come together and got to up the hair. Touch want to become to the new texture.

Natural hair fluttering and smooth while moist and moisture

Hair and smooth and hair fluttering in the wind moist with moisture.
Texture of both of which come true, it will lead to hair natural beauty in the shampoo and treatment of new texture never before.

Plant-derived component of the commitment, leading to a healthy scalp and hair

Peony, figs, other citrus, well-balanced formulation of plant-derived components of the Good. Hair leads to the original beauty.
[Scalp moisturizing ※ 1] [hair protection ※ 2] [gloss ※ 3] [finger as expected ※ 4]

※ 1: soybean seed extract, peony root extract (all moisturizing ingredient) ※ 2: fig fruit extract, acerola fruit extract, aloe vera leaf extract (all moisturizing) ※ 3: camellia seed extract, gardenia fruit extract (all conditioning component) ※ 4: citron fruit extract, apricot seed extract, meadowfoam -δ- lactones (all moisturizing)

Selectively repair the place that was damaged

The hair could damage hall damaged, flows out of the water and oil, also be the cause of Pasa. Premium hair care is, by selectively repairing the damaged portions, was aimed at hair original texture finished in smooth while moist and moisture.

The forces of nature, the more beautiful the hair

Stick to simple prescription of natural origin, it has achieved seven free.
Artificial coloring
mineral oil
UV absorbers

Decorate the bathroom gorgeous
Double fragrance of “Gardenia & bergamot”

Portable fragrance carefully selected a pleasant aroma, such as want to take a deep breath.
Adorned in colorful daily bath time.

Weight 440 g