Lululun Lulun Over45 Camelia Pink [Moist] Face Mask 2FB 32 (Essence 520ml)

Lululun Lulun Over45 Camelia Pink [Moist] Face Mask 2FB 32 (Essence 520ml)



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10th anniversary of love!
Celebrating 10th anniversary and evolve significantly!

There is a sense of value for “Youngness = beauty”. People will be brushed for beauty only because they repeated various experiences. Lururun thinks so. So, from now on, don’t expose your age. Lururun Over45 leads to a lively skin with moisturizing veil * 2 in close contact with the skin. Well, let’s have a age.

※ Care according to one age
※ 2 Do not moisturize a face mask every day with a lot of lotion sheets

[Lurrun Over45 Cameria Pink (Moist)]

Hali insufficient adult skin.
To skin with cuddled and pulled elasticity.

—I recommend this hotel—

● Hali shortage
● Dry
● I want to tighten
● I want to prevent rough skin

■ Point 1
Adhesion, moisturizing veil ※ 1!

着 着 Focused ingredient: Galat extract *

Components focusing on the effective “delivery” of the ingredients. Beautiful skin film that imitates natural-derived skin forms “Second Skin * 2” on the skin. Lead to the skin that makes it from inside * 3.

Harishiya Component Caesulpinear Spinosa Fruit Extract, Kappa Ficus Albalaz Eko
※ 1 Moisturizing a face mask every day with a lot of lotion sites
※ 2 protection by moisture
※ 3 square layer

■ Point 2
Women’s Hari and Tuya

◎ 着 Focused ingredient: Iris root extract *

The ingredients of the roots of Iris containing flavonoids and isoflavones. Support the base of the skin care and give a feminine harvesting.

Moisturizing, Harishiya ingredients

■ Point 3
Give Hali, face impressive care

◎ 着 Focused ingredient: Natsume fruit extract

Harvestya ingredients derived from Natsumi, which are said to be the fruits of the ruins. Focusing on the change of adult face impression, it leads to a firm skin that tightened.

■ Point 4
Deliver the wedgeous elasticity

着 着 Focused ingredient: Alps Rose extract *

A plant-derived ingredient that survives the harsh environment of the Alps. Focus on zombie horny *, clear the skin healthy and deliver the unwanted elasticity.

Equipment ingredient Rodendronfrginium extract
※ Old horny

■ Point 5
Close to the change of women and adjust the skin

◎ 着 Focused ingredient: yellow leaf extract *

Estrogen which is reduced by age. Extracted extracted from leaves in southern China, extracted from leaves, close to changes in women and prepare to healthy skin.

Harishiya ingredient kouko leaf extract

■ Point 6
In a low stimulation prescription, comfortably

Do not compromise because it is one day. I would like to use it with confidence in peace, so I was committed to the non-coloring, no fragrance, no mineral oil and alcohol free low stimulation. Made in Japan, Stinging Tested *.

※ It does not mean that skin irritation does not occur in all people

■ Point 7
Ultra-thickness plump sheet, I can go to the skin

A three-layered super-thicker sheet was adopted with a “moisture storage layer” that contains a lot of beauty ingredients, and a three-layer structure that is gently sandwiched with a comfortable “penetration of the skin * support layer”. A sheet that has a well-held lotion of lotions is carefully irritated.

※ From the stratum corneum

Weight 715 g