[2 drugs] Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Chikunain a 14 follicles

[2 drugs] Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Chikunain a 14 follicles



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Description of item

““Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Chikunain a 14 capsule”” is, district sac disease (sinusitis), is a herbal formulation to improve the chronic rhinitis.
By the action of Chinese medicine ““fist Kiyoshihaiyu (Kamui domination Ito)””, which consists of nine types of herbal medicine, while calm the inflammation of the back of the nose, and easier breathing with reduced pus (pus). Effective with the twice a day, is the granules of easy to take a stick type.
● District sac syndrome, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis pus, comfortably breathing suppressing inflammation

Dosage regimen/dose

Morning and evening the following amounts, please take with water or hot water before meals or between meals. ※ and between meals means ““between meals””, says that after a meal about 2 to 3 hours.
Adult (over 15 years old): 1 times 1 capsule twice a day
7 years old or more and less than 15 years old: 2 times once 2/3 capsule a day
Less than 4 years of age more than 7 years old: 1 times 1/2 capsule twice daily
Or more and less than 2 years of age 4 years old: 1 times 1/3 capsule twice daily
Less than 2 years of age: Not to be taken

Note related to the dosage and administration
(1) to adhere to the prescribed dosage
(2) If you want to take to the children, it is taken under the supervision of their parents


In physical moderate or severe, dark nasal discharge out, the next one with the Netsukan when various diseases: nasal congestion, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis (sinusitis)

component and raw materials

Daily dose (2 capsule: 4g) in
Fist Kiyoshihaiyu extract: 2.0g,
[Spirit: 1.5 g, Chimo: 1.5 g, urna: 1.5 g, Scutellaria: 1.5 g, Sanshishi: 0.75 g, Bakumondou: 3.0 g, gypsum: 3.0 g, Cimicifuga: 0.75 g, Biwayou: extracted from 0.5g]
As an additive, containing silicate Al, sucrose fatty acid ester, stearic acid Mg, lactose
● Because this drug is used natural product (herbal medicine), the color of the granules might be slightly different.