Clear Turn premium fresh mask (transparent feeling) three times

Clear Turn premium fresh mask (transparent feeling) three times



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Outstanding experience to “sleep soundly skin”.
Premium pure raw mask birth.
Like, such as if they were fast asleep, to the skin, which was lively.

[3 type of clarity, ultra-moist, Haritsuya]

<Outstanding clarity, to the fresh skin>

pearl barley extract combination
Green tea (Gyokuro) extract BG (moisturizing) formulation
Vitamin C derivatives (ascorbic acid sulfate 2Na) blending

<Of moisture, to the ultra-moist skin>

hyaluronic acid
Pomegranate extract combination
Cherry extract (Yoshino cherry tree leaf extract) BG (moisturizing) formulation

<Feel the tension, to the shiny glowing skin>

silk extract combination
, Rice extract BG (moisturizing) formulation

[Clear turn the first-ever airless sealing process! ]

Fresh moisture only the sealing moment!
Airless sealing process to deliver alive was moisture on the skin “additive-free Sumio mask”

We sealed the “essence of freshly cooked” in a state of disconnect the air.
At any time fresh! Give a fresh moisture to the skin, it is a clear turn the original technology.

Stuck to the ultimate clean /

■ Pure Moist effect ■

High transparency, luxury blended moisturizing growing in a limited spring water.
It delivers perfectly clear moisture to the stratum corneum.

<Naturally derived moisturizing ingredients “confusion BG”>
The confusion …
Moisturizing mined from Aphanothece sacrum that do not grow only in clean spring water.
Not grow only under certain of clean water environment in the country, is a kind of scarcity is very high “algae”.
It is said to have five times the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid, to form a moisture veil.

<Moisture sustaining component>
Double formulation of plum fruit extract, white fungus extract BG!

Elected to five consecutive years, “the water quality is the most good clear stream”,
Taken from the “Niyodogawa” of Kochi Prefecture, use the clear water that was honed.

■ additive-free prescription ■

By external stress during the day (drying and ultraviolet rays), sensitive to tend to the skin to be easy to use comfort.

· No coloring
-Free mineral oil
Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free
Paraben (preservative) free
Ultraviolet absorbing agent free
Silicone free

Caring damage skin, mild, weakly acidic liquid cosmetics.
Patch Tested
Allergy tested
· Stinging tested
· Continuous use tested by persons that there is awareness of sensitive skin
※ all does not occur allergies and skin irritation in people, does not mean that there is no irritation.
※ does not mean that fit the skin of everyone.

■ newly developed micro 3D sheet ■

<Bemliese use of cotton born. >
Premium Fresh mask has uneven surface of the sheet.
Spread protruding portion of the mask to come to the right, to close contact with uneven surface to the skin, hand press from above the mask.
Realize that dewar ~ Tsu!
※ Bemliese is a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.

<Wipe care also OK. I was hanging out, to Mukitamagohada. >
If wiped off gently face with a mask was peeled off,
Also removed and unnecessary horny, to the skin that was hanging out!

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