Wakansen “Boufu” Weight Loss Diet Supplement (224 Tablets)

Wakansen “Boufu” Weight Loss Diet Supplement (224 Tablets)



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Wakansen “Boufu” Weight Loss Diet Supplement is an herbal medicine that helps burn fat around the abdomen.
Contains 18 different kinds of herbal remedies, including maow which works on the sympathetic nerves, licorice / forsythia to help clear up the fat metabolic pathways, and rhubaria which works to excrete the waste material. Combined, they work together to burn fat, aimed around the stomach. Also effective at combating constipation etc. due to obesity.

● Contains 3333mg per serving! (8 tablets)
● 4 easy to take tablets twice a day.

Description of item

“Wakan 箋新 Roth windproof TsuKiyoshi Chijo T 224 tablets” is a herbal medicine to drop the fat of extra tummy around the constipation-prone person. Bofudori Kiyoshichi is, ephedra and, licorice-forsythia acting on the fat metabolic pathway, such as rhubarb, which acts on the excretion of accumulated waste products, 18 kinds of herbal medicine has been formulated to help each other each of the works herbal medicine to reach out to sympathetic. It works by decomposing and burn fat, such as fat around the stomach, is effective in improvement of obesity. Moreover, it is also effective, such as constipation associated with obesity. ● active ingredient 3333mg blended (in 8 tablets) ● 1 times 4 tablets, easy to drink twice a day! Easy to continue!


Twice a day for the next amount, before a meal or between meals, to be taken with water or hot water. Adult (over 15 years old): less than 1 times 4 tablets 15 years old: ## related to the dosage and administration Note: Not to be taken to adhere to the dosage regimen. ※ The meals, it refers to the post-prandial two to three hours.


8 tablets in windproof TsuKiyoshichi extract EX: 3333mg (bellflower: 1.33g, Byakujutsu: 1.33g, licorice: 1.33g, golden: 1.33g, gypsum: 1.33g, rhubarb: 1.0g, angelica: 0.8g, peony: 0.8 g, cnidium: 0.8g, Sanshishi: 0.8g, Forsythia: 0.8g, mint: 0.8g, ghosts: 0.8g, windproof: 0.8g, ephedra: 0.8g, ginger: 0.27g, talc: 2.0g, of sodium sulfate: 1.0g including a more extraction). As an additive, including metasilicate aluminate Mg, potato starch, CMC-Ca, stearic acid Mg. ※ This agent is due to the use of extracts of natural products (herbal medicine), the color of the tablet there is a slightly different thing.

Effect effect

To enhance physical fitness, to subcutaneous fat many abdomen, constipation often ones of next of various diseases: palpitations, stiff neck, hot flashes, edema, constipation associated with high blood pressure and obesity, sinusitis (sinusitis), eczema, dermatitis, also wiped of (acne), obesity


(1) To keep sealed in a cool place with low humidity not exposed to direct sunlight. (2) Keep out of reach of children. (3) Do not replaced with other container. (Change the quality or causing the abuse.) (4) by the moisture, because it may affect the quality such as discoloration, Do not touch with wet hands. (5) product past the expiration date, it does not take. It should be noted, is to be used as soon as possible after opening once even within the expiration date.