Biporon eyes warm Han

Biporon eyes warm Han



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Corpiece (* 1) of eyes upgrade up!
I have upgraded a high-popular eye mild Han in a pair of cruminal series. Hatomgi emergence (* 2) to flexify the horny is blended twice as much as possible! Also, the container is also easier to use tube type.

Care gently in “warm Han” with horny grain (* 1) of the eye to be worried!
If you look at the mirror, you can do white potots (* 1) at the eyes, and do not know the cause and not?

A Diparon Gemo Han Han is a horny flexible solution developed for white potots (* 1) of such eyes.
Plus warm sensation effect so that it can be flexible with oily square grains (* 1), blends 24 kinds of Japanese extract.
It is also a salicylic acid free formulation to be able to use it for delicate eyes.

Soft and Oily Eye Potspots (* 1) are sincerous and flexible eyes are a part that is likely to be easy to do because of the secretion of sebum.
Divinous Harmhon Han Han Han keeps using warm Han’s flexibility and massage with the physical peeling effect by massage.
Warm the potspots (* 1)
Harmal Han component is blended, and the pussy (* 1) is warmed to warm up, and the oily square grain (* 1) is gently flexible.

Gently polled with fiber head
Cleanoff (*) with the peeling effect of the fiber head.
(※ There is individual difference in the effect of effect.)

Because it is a eyes and so humidist
Moisturize with 24 kinds of Wakan extract.

I’m worried about white potots (* 1) at the eyes …
I can not get it if I can do white potots (* 1) of eyes.
There is no sense of discomfort such as pain, but if you say … If you say, let’s take care of the kitten Han.

Potspots (※ 1) of eyebrows (* 1) are cool and refreshing!
Every time I look at the mirror, every time you make a makeup, I’m relieved from the point pots (* 1) of the eyes that I was worried about, and I will be confident in the eyes that I am worried about the eyesight.
(※ 1 old horny)
(※ 2 Hatomi seed extract)

[Sales Name] TB Essence E LB (Beauty Solution)

[Contents] 1.8 ml

[Country of origin] Japan

【Type】 Cosmetics

Weight 25.3 g