DHC Medicated Deep Cleansing Oil SS (70ml)

DHC Medicated Deep Cleansing Oil SS (70ml)



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Winner of many awards! This moisturizing cleansing oil removes makeup and dirt trapped deep within pores.

“Superb cleansing ability,” “Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth,” “Moisturizing!”
This cleanser fits all the criteria. Just use it once to see why so many Japanese women swear by it.

It easily dissolves difficult-to-remove makeup along with excess sebum and dirt trapped deep within pores. Upon rinsing, it emulsifies into a cleansing milk, leaving skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and balanced. It contains only the highest quality virgin olive oil so that it melts makeup without robbing skin of any necessary elements and gently conditions the skin as well.

Recommended for all ages and skin types.

Can safely be used on eyelash extensions as it does not melt glue.*
*May not apply to all types of adhesive

Contains only naturally-derived ingredients.
Formulated without: added fragrance, colorants, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil

● drop also floated hard make-! Overwhelming cleansing power
Makeup and dirt that can not be dropped inhibits the turnover of skin, dull and stains, can cause dry.
“DHC medicinal deep cleansing oil”, only adapt so as to gently massage, familiar quickly with the makeup and dirt, it lifted from the skin. Enter smooth oil deep into the pores, catch up, stubborn stains. Hard make, of course, of stubborn silicon compounding make, stubborn pores dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum causes saddened the skin, takes away clean to the corner plug to Zaratsuka the skin.

● null luck, wash-up of the smooth to oil film no sense at all! Oil
Though it is oil, the moment it touches the water, changes to hydrophilic. Familiar to cloudy white is a water sign. Makeup and dirt, while he racking dead skin cells, and away from the skin immediately. For this reason, without oil remains on the skin, there is no there tend to null with and oil film feeling to the oil cleansing, it has realized the wash-up of the smooth.

● formulated with natural cosmetic ingredients, pursue the tenderness of the skin. Not deprived of moisture
To ““DHC medicinal deep cleansing oil””, extracted from the olive fruit of Spain produced organically grown, precious olive virgin oil ““Flor de Aseite (Seika of virgin oil Do)”” has been luxuriously blended. Carefully ground in a traditional stone mortar and hand-picked the olive fruit. Without unreasonable squeeze, only slightly it was the only collected drip fallen oil “Flor de Aseite (It is Seika of virgin oil)”. Because of the composition similar to sebum, gently protects the skin. In addition, and rosemary to be popular as a skin-beautifying herbs, licorice derivatives, the conditioning components such as vitamin E plus. Do not use any such mineral oil-consuming burden on the skin, it is the kindness of the unique “vegetable oil”.

warm in the palm of the hand to take the dry hands to 3 push about oil, let soften often the oil to make. (About 20 seconds standard)
When lifted is dirty, please wash with cold or warm water.
After you are using, such as ““DHC mild soap”” and ““DHC medicinal Q soap””, please perform the double face wash with cleanser for your skin type and purpose.
※ When cleansing, please use only with a dry hand.
During the storage in the bathroom, such as ※, please note that water does not enter into the container.
※ When dropping a point make it is, is recommended ““DHC point make-up remover””.
※ color of cleansing oil, but may vary depending on the time of the olive fruit harvest, the quality is not the problem.

Weight 129.8 g