Pair Acne Creamy Foam (80g)

Pair Acne Creamy Foam (80g)



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A hypoallergenic medicated facial cleansing foam that gently fights skin trouble by reaching deep down into pores without stripping your skin of moisture.

Prevents breakouts with a combination of sterilizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Gently cleanses your skin with microbubbles.

Moisture is hypoallergenic medicated cleanser to wash gently the cause of skin problems (acne) to the back of the pores without deprived
In sterilization and anti-inflammatory ingredients, prevent skin problems (acne)

And sterilization ingredients: isopropyl methyl phenol

Anti-inflammatory ingredients: glycyrrhizin dipotassium
Moisturizing ingredients

Penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, a silky, adjust to the skin with moisture
Moisturizing ingredients: Vitamin C derivative, soybean extract
Friendly cleaning ingredients to the skin, hypoallergenic

Gently washes the skin by fine foam, hard bumping.
Plant-derived mild cleaning ingredients Amiraito compounded
Patch has been tested.

※ The patch test is a way to test put the cosmetics on your skin. It does not mean that the allergy does not occur to everyone.

Weight 115.5 g