[2 drugs bis rat Gold EX

[2 drugs bis rat Gold EX



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“Bisrat gold EX 70 tablets” is an Oriental medicine that raises lipid metabolism and removes fat. Work on the liver and activate lipid metabolism. Drink fat such as stomach like anxious by taking twice a day. Especially for people who want to reduce body fat, it is suitable for people who tend to have constipation. I made Oshyuto-Itu, which is made up of eight kinds of herbal medicine, into a tablet easy to take. When you start drinking, you will get better.

Product Features

“Bis rat Gold EX 70 tablets” is a herbal formulation to drop the fat by increasing the lipid metabolism. Worked in the liver, it activates the lipid metabolism. You drop the fat, such as stomach anxious taking twice a day. Especially those who want to reduce the body fat, is a herbal medicine which is suitable for constipation tend to person. The Oshiba saiko of eight kinds of herbal medicine, has been in the tablet that is easy taking. Drink begin First, it through will be better.


Physical fitness has been enhanced, painful from the flank through per pit of the stomach, of that there is a tendency of constipation following various diseases: obesity, habitual constipation, stiff neck, headache, constipation associated with high blood pressure and obesity, gastritis, neurosis


Please take with water or hot water before meals or between meals for the next amount. Age: 1 dose / number of doses for adults (over 15 years old): 2 times less than 15 years old 5 tablets / day: to adhere to the [attention related to the dosage and administration (1) given dosage and that you do not take that (2) since the hygroscopic, it occupies firmly the cap each time of taking ● What is between meals means “between meals”, says that after a meal about 2-3 hours


Daily dose (10 tablets) Chuo University Shibaebisuyu extract (3/5 amount): 2.4g (Psycho 3.6g, ginger 0.6g, peony 1.8g, date 1.2g, Hange 2.4g, golden 1.8g, gymnastics 1.8g , as rhubarb 0.6g than extraction) additives, due to the use of silicic acid anhydride, silicic acid Al, CMC-Ca, stearic acid Mg, containing the corn starch ● this drug is a natural product (herbal medicine), the tablet color but there is a slightly different thing


● was not supposed to (or worsening symptoms of current and do not observe, side effects likely to occur) 1. While taking this drug, other cathartic that do not take the following medicines (laxatives) 2. people in breast-feeding do not take this drug, 1. the following people be ● consultation that avoid breast-feeding if you are taking this drug to consult before taking a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller ( 1) who are decline of frail people (physical fitness of people (3) the body that are believed to have people (2) pregnant women or pregnancy receiving medical attention, weakling) (4) gastrointestinal weak diarrhea easy person (5) rash redness due to medicine ever, after the person 2. taking that may have caused the itching, etc., because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, immediately taking the drug to stop, that the relationship site to consult with this document doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller: symptoms skin: redness, rash, itching digestive: diarrhea with severe abdominal pain, abdominal pain rarely occur following serious symptoms Sometimes. The name of the symptoms that receive medical treatment in that case immediately doctor: Symptoms interstitial pneumonia: climb the stairs, suffocate, to have shortness of breath with or a little unreasonable, chesty coughs, fever and the like can be seen, these or appear suddenly, sustained or to liver dysfunction: fever, itching, rash, jaundice (yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes), brown urine, whole body fatigue, 3. after taking the loss of appetite, etc. may occur, the following symptoms because it may appear, when seen sustained or enhancement of these symptoms, stop taking the drug, doctors have this document, pharmacist or to consult a registered seller diarrhea 4.1 months position (habitual constipation , between 5-6 days in the case to take to the constipation associated with high blood pressure and obesity) are also taking stop taking the drug if the symptoms are often not, that you consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller with this document.

Storage and Handling Precautions (1) to keep sealed in a cool place with low humidity not exposed to direct sunlight (2) Keep out of reach of children (3) Do not replaced with other container (change the quality or causing the abuse) (4) does not deal with wet hands this drug (5) filling in the bottle to throw away at the time of unsealing because it is for the prevention of damage during transportation

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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.