club Suppin Cream Pastel Rose Scent 30g

club Suppin Cream Pastel Rose Scent 30g



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It has been renewed!

[Feeling UP!]
To improve the growth of the cream, better now even more familiar skin.

[Your skin clarity UP!]
Cream improvements from pure white to pale green color of the “white floral bouquet scent of”.

[Moisturizing feeling UP!]
It formulated a new moisturizing ingredient *, moist feel up!

Marshmallow extract (Altea root extract)

[Skin of the guard force UP!]
The smoke of dust and tobacco, dirt, such as PM2.5 * block!

Diameter 2.5㎛ following materials to be floating in the air

Skin to look more beautiful!

[Smooth hanging out! Clarity of after bath]
Inconspicuous color unevenness and pores of the skin, and prepares to Wang Thong bright skin.

[Cleansing unnecessary! Would Nere as it is]
Even if not washed away because it is skin care powder OK!

[Gentle to the skin than’re in no makeup]
Moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen) is to protect the moisture of your skin, the filter component (Algae, Scutellaria root extract) of tobacco smoke and dust, your skin even further from the pollen and PM2.5 * harmful substances such as guard!

Diameter 2.5㎛ following materials to be floating in the air

What if, I recommend this person!

[Embarrassing that show no makeup]
At the time of the staying dating and hot spring travel.

[Relax and want to spend]
Sleepover girls meetings and a holiday, a long period of time of flight.

[I do not want to paint the foundation]
Little out or to the gym of the return of a bath.

[As a makeup base]
Naturally cover a portion of disturbance of the pores and texture is a concern.

Weight 55 g