LuLuLun 5s Face Mask Balanced Moisture

LuLuLun 5s Face Mask Balanced Moisture



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Balance moisture type!
Adhesion to fluffy. Perfect with an average size of Japanese.

LuLuLun face mask balance moisture type
Thickness rather than ~, plump, I have to. It is reborn Rururun.
Rururun proposes a new style to thoroughly penetrate the skin with plenty of lotion of the face mask. Makeup water than “paint”, “stick”. Why do not you start the “Daily Face mask” habit.

POINT 1 Rururun’oriji null New ultra-thick plump seat
Containing plenty of cosmetic ingredients to “plenty of moisture water storage tank”, ultra-thick plump adopt a sheet of three-layer structure in which the sand in good attaching feeling “penetration of the skin * support layer”. The thickness of the sheet was UP to 140%.

Until the stratum corneum

For leading to POINT2 will want to skin, new component of attention.
Consider the skin of different ideal by age, was aimed and the best ingredients, a combination thereof. Such a select survived lotion, has been soaked in Hitoshiー the entire sheet in its own process.
made in Japan. Unscented-free coloring-free mineral oil. Allergy test patch tested. Alcohol-Free

POINT3 close contact with more Bita’ and skin. Increasingly dense 10 minutes.
Review to cut, it was improved adhesion feel
The new face mask, makeup water is plenty! 10 minutes, the mind also will be Gunto moisten also your skin.

[If you want to become a rice cake rice cake beautiful skin, pink of balance moisture]
By Rururun of face mask brand No.1 (* 1), it is the balance moisture type of lotion mask.
Established a barrier function by use every day, keeps the basic skills of your skin.
The cyclic amino acid (* 2) and gluco-oligosaccharides (* 3) in the moisturizing cosmetic ingredients, such as, leads to the rice cake rice cake beautiful skin.
To further mask, adopted the ultra-thick plump seat of the three-layer structure, fit and moisture content was UP (* 4).

Makeup water than “paint”, “stick”.
Why do not you start the “Daily Face mask” habit.

1 INTAGE SLI pack market in January 2015 – 2016 December amount of money share * 2 moisturizing * 3 skin conditioning component α- oligo-glucan * 4 our conventional product ratio

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