HadaLabo Medicated Gokujyun Skin Conditioner – Refill (170ml)

HadaLabo Medicated Gokujyun Skin Conditioner – Refill (170ml)



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Description of item

“Skin Research Gokujun medicated skin conditioner refill 170ml” focuses on the Wakan plant (pearl barley, dokudami), to prevent problems such as acne, rough skin, moisture is also give medicated moisturizing lotion (Refill). Glycyrrhizin dipotassium to prevent acne and skin roughness, epsilon – aminocaproic acid (an anti-inflammatory component) is compounded. In addition, compounding the pearl barley extract of moisturizing. Moisturize in Sutsu familiar with your skin, it established a condition, it leads to the skin with a healthy sense of transparency. Same weakly acidic healthy skin. Consideration of the kindness of your skin, is fragrance-free, color-free, mineral oil free. Quasi-drugs. ® skin Institute, ® Haradabo, ® Gokujun

how to use

After washing the face, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, please soaked by gently putting to adapt to the skin.

[Refill how to bottle]
○ refill bottle before, wash well the cap, please refill without leaving the total amount from dried.

(1) Please hang up slowly along the dotted line the spout.
※ Having strongly the pack, you may liquid popping.
Please fold the plastic in the (2) spout into a U-shape with a finger.
(3) bottle is not as fixed in one hand to fall, Insert the spout on the bottle mouth, please put the slowly contents.

※ When it becomes necessary for inquiries, please keep in write down the serial number on the bottom pack.


○ scratches, swelling, eczema, should not be used when a rash or abnormal.
○ abnormality note well or does not occur to be used on the skin. In use, or when sunlight after use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss when the abnormality such as (Shirohan, etc.) and darkening appeared to discontinue use, to consult to the doctor and skin. There Symptoms may worsen and continue to use.
○ care not to enter the eye, when you enter it is to wash away immediately with water or lukewarm water. It should be noted that, if an abnormality is remains to consult an ophthalmologist.
○ After use, be sure to tighten the cap, to be used as soon as possible.
○ hot or cold places, avoid direct sunlight, be stored.
○ be stored out of reach of children.
○ be careful not to stick to the clothes and the like. (Which may be difficult to fall depending on the material


[Active ingredient]
Glycyrrhizin dipotassium, epsilon – aminocaproic acid
[Other Components]
Yokuininekisu (pearl barley extract), Houttuynia cordata extract, Kamomiraekisu (1), hyaluronic acid Na-2, squalane, dl- camphor, BG, glyceryl tri-2-ethylhexanoate, l- menthol, POE hydrogenated castor oil, sesquioleate sorbitan, EDTA-2Na, anhydrous ethanol, ethanol

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