Shiseido Projectional Adeno Vital Scalp Treatment 130 g × 2 (GP Scalp Treatment)

Shiseido Projectional Adeno Vital Scalp Treatment 130 g × 2 (GP Scalp Treatment)



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This hair treatment adds strength and volume to your hair straight to the roots. Replenishes moisture to dried scalps and makes it easier to absorb moisture from other products.

Meet the scalp with moisture, it will grow thick and long strong hair

By satisfying and dried to have scalp in moisture, and prepares to a familiar state Scalp essence. Hair loss, person who worries in the thinning hair, is recommended for people who want to put out the hair of volume.

Active ingredient born from the tip Biosciences, next generation hair growth care of adenosine formulation. ““Adeno-Vital”” is, in the three driving forces involved in the hair of hair growth Te approach, while continuing to pull out the possibility, you grow thick and long, black.

◎ approach 1: lobbying directly to the three genes.
““Thick to”” growth-promoting gene (adenosine)
““Strongly”” cuticle strength gene (Ononisuekisu)
““Blacken”” melanin production gene (hop extract, pepper extract)

◎ Approach 2: Double modification to the ideal hair cycle
Men and women focused on the main cause of hair loss, respectively, as ““an extension of the growth period”” and ““shortening of resting”” at the same time realized. Increase while fattening the hair.
Active Ingredients: Panax ginseng extract, Sophora extract

◎ Approach 3: surely penetrate deep into the hair roots
Hair roots deep two active ingredient wo deliver ancient city moth important death. In Deruamido and isostearyl alcohol double-promoting effect of the active ingredient will be firm action in the hair roots deep.

After shampoo, it took the appropriate amount, and applied so as to adapt to the whole hair. To penetrate the hair at some time, please wash.

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