Matcha Green tea Powder Organic Japanese Matcha 30g

Matcha Green tea Powder Organic Japanese Matcha 30g



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People change when what they eat changes. Precisely because it is an era like this, it is important to be particular about your diet.

Yamasan has widely conveyed the “richness of Japanese food” based on traditional Japanese foods such as “miso”, “soy sauce” and “tea” in the land of Kyoto.

The backbone of the company is a discerning eye as a “connoisseur” who selects only good food, sticking to the raw materials and traditional manufacturing methods.

organic matcha domestic
The difference between matcha and green tea
What is matcha

Tea leaves carefully cultivated under the cover are steamed and then dried, and then the tea leaves are ground with a stone mortar.

Because it blocks sunlight, it contains a lot of theanine, which is a sweet ingredient and umami ingredient of tea.


What is green tea

Green tea is powdered sencha (a commonly drunk tea).

Sencha is grown without blocking sunlight.

It contains more catechins, representative of green tea components, than tencha.

Catechin has a strong astringent taste, so sencha is bitter compared to matcha.

Organic Matcha
About organic tea leaves
The amount of organic tea leaves produced in Japan is only about 4%. We deliver very valuable organic sencha from Uji, Kyoto.

It is a safe and secure organic green tea that has been certified by a third-party organization that Japanese producers have produced it based on organic JAS standards.

Organically grown tea is not only cultivated, but also processed, stored, transported, and distributed to customers in accordance with strict regulations.


Organic Matcha
The taste of tea is determined by the cultivation method and blend.
1. Cultivation in an environment with a warm climate, plenty of sunshine hours, suitable soil for growth, and good quality water

2. By heating the freshly picked leaves for a short period of time, the unique refreshing scent is preserved.

3. A blend selected by a 9-dan tea appraiser who has won numerous awards and has won three national championships.

Organic Domestic Matcha
How to make matcha
Amount of Matcha: 2 tea scoops and a light teaspoon (approx. 1.5-2g)

Amount of hot water: Use a hot water bath. About 70cc.

Hot water temperature・・・75~85℃

1. Sieve the tea with a tea strainer beforehand to make it easier to brew.

2. At first, mix slowly to disperse the matcha at the bottom.

3. Next, raise the tea whisk slightly from the bottom and shake your wrist firmly back and forth so that the hot water does not spin.

* In the image of writing the alphabet M.

4. Finally, gently raise the tea whisk so that the foam rises in the center.

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