Rosette Moist Scrub (120g)

Rosette Moist Scrub (120g)




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Rosette Moist Scrub is a massaging gel which utilizes the power of Aha Berry to erase old skin cells off your body!
This soft, milky gel doesn’t strain your skin when you use it.
Takes away roughness and leaves you with smooth skin, as well as allowing makeup to adhere well.
Using a blend of fermented soybeans as a moisturizing ingredient, leaves your skin clear and shining.

“Three kinds of fruit acids (lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid) blended
Take skin with old horny horse and prepare it as smooth skin with transparent feeling.

Moisturizing skin with moist milk fermented extract
Soymilk fermented extract (moisturizing ingredient) will moisturize while protecting the necessary moisture for your skin.

Also for body care!
Of course not only face care, décolleté, elbows, knees, heels also slippery.

Soft gentle soft milky gel

Scent of soy milk milk ”

Product size (width × depth × height): 68 mm × 40 mm × 186 mm
Country of Origin: Japan
Contents: 120 g

Weight 154 g