DHC medicinal cam C professional whitening cream 45g

DHC medicinal cam C professional whitening cream 45g



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Moisture trapped, to shine bouncy skin. Skin beauty that perfectly clear in the medicinal ingredient + camu camu power

And extract extracted from cam cam fruits, blended series six kinds of transparency * Support component, medicated cam C professional whitening series leading to plump bright clear beautiful skin *.

“DHC medicinal cam C professional whitening cream” is wrapped soft in texture decrease of firmness and elasticity was the Kokkuri the skin to be worried about, medicated whitening cream to confine the moisture dense. A variety of beautiful skin components such as collagen and elastin was also formulated.

Grant gloss, such as shine and push back such needles, and less noticeable fine lines due to drying ※.

No fragrance-free coloring, paraben free natural ingredients.

Full of moisture, bright, to shine adult skin

“DHC medicinal cam C professional whitening Series” is, suppresses the production of melanin, a whitening medicinal ingredient ※ 1 to prevent spots and freckles, the medicinal ingredient ※ 2 to prevent the rough skin, camu camu fruit that approach to clarity ※ 3 and beautiful skin extract ※ is 4 skin care series, which was a plus.

Different transparency for each item ※ 3 balanced mix beautiful skin components for the support component and adults of the skin. Can comprehensive approach to be used in the series, and leads to full of moist moisture beauty Shirahada.

※ 1 vitamin C derivative (L- ascorbic acid 2-glucoside)
※ 2 glycyrrhizin dipotassium
※ given a three-moisture, due to the fact that adjust the texture
※ 4 skin conditioning component

Weight 88 g