POLA Moisutishimo deep essence mask 1 sheets (34ml) × 6 capsule

POLA Moisutishimo deep essence mask 1 sheets (34ml) × 6 capsule



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Prevent skin irritation caused by drying, it aims to Motchiri skin sheet mask.

By arranging the horny moisturize, keep the moisture barrier function and skin to protect the skin from external stimuli of dry, is a sheet mask that aims to “Motchiri” skin.
Moisturizing of tea Simo series, aims to Motchiri skin in a simple special care.
Rich feel with a thickened. Elastic high sheet mask that was plenty impregnated essence of beauty essence about one roll of 34mL is, to dry your skin, delivers moisture.
Deliver moisture, that prepare the skin,

Keep 1. barrier function
Paula original cosmetic ingredients ※ vital polymer, Moist net polymer is aimed at the skin to keep the barrier function.

S- hyaluronic acid. The skin intercellular lipid is not enough to moisturize, and prepares the stratum corneum.

[Main Ingredients]
Paula original cosmetic ingredients ※ vital polymers, such as the formulation moist net polymers and cosmetic ingredients ※ S- hyaluronic acid.
※ moisturizing

· Bifuko, non-colored

Allergy tested (does not mean allergy does not occur in all people)

And low irritation (sensitive towards the skin to target the patch has been tested. Does not mean that the Kawafu stimulus to all people does not occur)

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