MiMC Mineral Eraser Balm Colors SPF20 PA++ Refill 03 Purple 6.5g

MiMC Mineral Eraser Balm Colors SPF20 PA++ Refill 03 Purple 6.5g



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Covers “pores” while controlling skin tone. For skin that needs a sense of transparency.

Mineral Eraser Balm has a control color function.
Redness, dullness, and other skin concerns can be addressed with the color balm to achieve ideal skin.
It tones up and brings out the translucency of your skin, and covers up yellowish and pale skin problems.

POINT 1: Three colors to choose from to match your skin concerns.
Problem: Dullness, pale complexion
Apply to entire face
Effect Increases the sense of blood color
Recommended personal color Blue base

Redness, acne
Areas of concern
Effect Increases transparency*1
Recommended personal color Yellow base

Dullness, pale complexion
Areas of use: Entire face
Effect Increases translucency
Recommended personal colors Blue-based, Yellow-based

POINT 2: Contains plant extracts to prevent skin irritation
Fluctuating skin2 and mature skin are prone to skin irritation.
Contains peach leaf extract3 and chamomile flower extract*4 to protect delicate skin and prevent skin irritation.
This product supports skin exposed to seasonal changes and environmental changes.

POINT 3: Primer effect that keeps your foundation looking great for a long time.
By using it as a primer, the foundation will stick and last longer.
It absorbs excess sweat and sebum and has a moisturizing effect to keep your beautiful base makeup from falling off.

1 Due to the makeup effect. 2 Skin sensitive to environmental changes. 3, 4 Moisturizing ingredients.
3, 4 Moisturizing ingredients * This product is for refill and does not come with a case.

Weight 110 g