Nameraka Honpo Haritsuya Cleansing Wash N (150g)

Nameraka Honpo Haritsuya Cleansing Wash N (150g)




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A face wash which can even take off light makeup. The rich foam envelops your face, leaving your skin firm and sparkling clean. With fermented soy milk, Coenzyme Q10​, soybean extract, and soybean proteins as moisturizing ingredients, it penetrates deep down to every corner of the skin.

To luxurious dusty glossy skin!

Concentrated Soymilk Fermentation Solution * 1 and Encapsulated Coenzyme Q 10 * 2 penetrate into the stratum corneum and lead to smooth moisture and moisture with more moisture!
Encapsulated Coenzyme Q10 which supports the reincarnation of the skin, because it is a capsule, it penetrates even to the horny layer on your skin,
It gives plump, elasticity and elasticity, and it is lively and firm skin from the back of your skin!

1 Soy milk fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient) contains isoflavone.
※ 2 Ubiquinone (moisturizing component)

Concentrated soymilk fermented liquor * is compounded!

Smooth Honpo uses isoflavone-containing soymilk fermented liquid * (moisturizing ingredient). By “smooth concentration process”, it does not stick to firmly moisturize!

Soy milk fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient) contains isoflavone.

Coenzyme Q10 * is compounded!

Coenzyme Q10 * is a substance synthesized also in the human body, but it declines to the peak of 20’s. From such a state to lack of luster. .
Smooth Honpo Hari Taya Line showed the skin vivid and upgraded skin penetration by further encapsulating Coenzyme Q10 * which supports reincarnation of the skin.

※ Ubiquinone (moisturizing component)

For cream, human type Nano ceramide ※ Ingredients!

Ceramide * forms a barrier function to protect your skin from external irritation and drying. And the structure closest to human body is “human type nanoceramide *”.
It penetrates to the corners of the stratum corneum which has become full of gaps and gives moisture from the back of your skin.

Ceramide 2 (moisturizing component)

Nariaka Honpo dusty and dirty to the skin glossy!

Smooth Honpo Hari Tsuya Cleansing Face wash N150 g
As moisturizing as dense bubbles Wash skin moisturizing skin moist
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Weight 199.1 g