Beautiful skin craftsman rice bran mask 7 pieces

Beautiful skin craftsman rice bran mask 7 pieces




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■ Nature is lavish moisture feeling stuck to the material

A concentrated essence that was the hot spring water-based, natural carefully blended material is said to be good for beautiful skin.
It pores also leads to high moisture sense of Innovation queue skin.

■ concentrated essence was the hot spring water base

And based on the famous Mimasaka hot spring water as hot water of beautiful skin, concentrated essence formulated with cosmetic ingredients such as Japanese sake.
Beautiful skin craftsmen moisture devoted, you moisten moist your skin.

■ incorporating the handmade paper production process, domestic soft sheets adopted.

The handmade paper production process …
Rich to disperse the plant fibers in water, it is shaping up into a sheet blow the moisture from (the same as the Japanese paper making) that of technology. Does not contain impurities, friendly comfortable to use.

■ plenty of you stuck to the popularity of natural materials obtained mask

Water samples from the clear stream Tsukuriageta rich water, the sheet mask having a three-layer structure.
Sheet was created in handmade paper production process technology is easy to spread at a moderate firmness, Pitatto fit to the skin.
You can deliver to gradually bare skin with plenty inclusive concentrated essence to the sheet.
Carefully blended sum material that can be selected with the skin you want.

Weight 110 g