POLA Growing Shot Glamorous Care Shampoo – Pump (370ml)

POLA Growing Shot Glamorous Care Shampoo – Pump (370ml)



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Consider the trouble of various hair since the 40s, and a healthy scalp with a sense of firmness, it supports the glossy black hair.

Shampoo cleansing idea to clean off the dirt of the scalp.

Blending the cosmetic ingredients ※ to support a glossy black hair and a healthy scalp environment. Hari Kosi, and prepares to supple beauty hair. ※ moisturizing and emollient component

Aroma of spicy floral twist citrus
About 2 months

Glowing shot Glamorous care series is a hair care series of skin care ideas aimed at glamorous black hair to hair trouble 40s or higher for women change of Hari Kosi.

Worries of women’s hair, there is a tendency to change significantly before and after the 40-year-old. In the 20’s to 30’s, dryness and pain, while the trouble was often due to damage such as split ends, in the 40s and later, white hair, volume, has become a lot trouble of changes due to aging, such as Hari Kosi. In particular, white hair was found that nearly 90% women are not care.

Paula original component to arrange the hair and scalp environment
■ moisturizes the scalp, arrange to healthy scalp environment
Handroanthus impetiginosus bark extract (Paula original component)
Extract extracted from the bark of a large tree “handroanthus impetiginosus” native to South America in the Amazon River basin. Tea was brewed its bark has been drinkers than the ancient Inca Empire.

■ Provide moisture, adjust to the glossy black hair
Black rice extract (Paula original component)
Extract extracted from black rice. Black rice, protein and vitamins, including such rich in minerals, in China had been presented to successive emperors.

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