Lululun Lulun Pure Blue [Moist] Face Mask 6fB 32 sheets (Essence 500 ml)

Lululun Lulun Pure Blue [Moist] Face Mask 6fB 32 sheets (Essence 500 ml)



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10 year anniversary! Great evolution in the 9th generation!

I wanted to be the first step in the face mask debut. I want to be a pure generation everyone’s buddy. Every day Face mask Lururun evolved to the 9th generation in the 10th anniversary of birth!

The new series “Luluulung Pure”.

[Lulurung Pure Blue (Moist)]

Uruguri, I’m going to emit light
Tuya skin ※ High moisturizing mask to lead.

※ The skin with a good texture

— You are pure blue! —

● I want to manage skin dryness!
● Love to the skin
● I’m worried about the appearance of the pores due to drying

【Point 1】

Focus on delivery,
Skin trouble * Detect & Approach!

Focusing on the effective “delivery” of beauty ingredients, Active Delivery System (ADS) was adopted.
Healthy skin has an ion balance (+) (-) ion balance, but the rough skin is disrupted. Active delivery system (ADS) releases the turbulence of this condition at the pinpoint at the ion level, releases the cosmetic component wrapped in the capsule. The ingredients can be efficiently delivered to the appropriate part.

※ Drying by drying

■ key ingredient ■

· ADS-Cure Berry * 1

In order to protect the body, an anti-oxidant anthocyanin synthesized themselves. Detect & approach skin trouble * 2 to prevent rough skin and lead to pure bare skin.

※ 1 Bilberry leaf extract
※ 2 Drying

[Point 2]

To dry skin
Urugai approach!

Moisture and “Keep” “Keep” “Keep” and “Keep moisture” and focus on moisturizing time based on the three moisturizing mechanisms. While making the moisture extensive * 1, the water is carried out with a moisture in the immediate × long-term moisturizing and keeping it. Clearing the skin base * 2, the han hair loss * 3, leads to the skin.

※ 1 stratum corneum
※ 2-stranded layer
※ 3 Poor holes are not noticeable

■ key ingredient ■

· Cargienan ※ 1

Ocean-derived ingredient focusing on hyaluronic acid. Holding water and keeps woefully wide range * 2 moisture. You can deliver a pliesty.

※ 1 Moisturizing ingredient carrageenan NA
※ Up to the dangum

· Multi-mineral ※ 3

Urugai Seat Beauty Effects and Soft Focus Effects, and I will make beautiful & clean beautifully.

3 Moisturizing ingredient bentonite, olive oil densyl esters, water-containing silica, sea salt

· Shady root extract * 4

A moisturizing component derived from a plant that applies strong water retention to survive the desert. You can go to the corner of the square of the corner.

※ 4 Moisturizing ingredient chigayoe extract

【Point 3】

Low stimulation prescription that considered the skin!

· No fragrance
· No coloring
· Nanaric oil
· Alcohol free

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