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Biparton Knight Pack



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Potspots (*) of the neck you are worried, self-care while sleeping
Thirty generations, when it comes to the 40’s, if you notice it, suddenly a small potspot (※). I can not get caught up, but I can not cure …
Although there is no scratch, but I’m worried about it, I’m going to hide the neck in the scarf, and I’m going to look at it.
(※ old horny)

Potspots (※) of the neck are horny “Horny grain (※)”
This “The neck’s Potspots ()” is a “square grain ()” that has been horny and jumped out.
Every time you overlap the age, there are many people who are troubled with Kusemono coming out and colored.
Besides the neck, it may come to a thin part of the skin, such as chest.
(※ old horny)

Just painting to square grain and go to bed and penetration (* 3) pack
While sleeping such a neck, it is “a duckwheat knight pack”
The torical liquid of Yokinin extract mix (* 1) is closely adhered to the neck’s pots (* 2). Only the surface is dry and wraps the square grains inside.
Easy to sleep when sleeping “While” Care, 18 kinds of Wakan Extracts are slacken and necked (* 3), “Tsutsu” aims to “Poro”.
I also used several times and painted it several places and went to bed.
Since the surface is dry immediately, it was not attached to the futon, and it was in close contact with the pots all night (* 4).
(※ 1 Hatomi seed extract)
(※ 2 old horny)
(※ 3 square layers)
(※ 4 Impressions of individuals)

Let’s enjoy fashionable with smooth neck
If there is no neck border that is worried about, you will be able to enjoy fashionable fashionable with V-neck knitwear and shirt.
That’s why I can feel very bright … Before giving up, please try it!

W If you want to take care of the neck rhggy (※) for further square grains (※), those who want to care for the neck ridges more effectively from the pair of crumbs.
※ Old horny

[Sales Name] TB Gel LB

[Contents] 20g

[Country of origin] Japan

【Type】 Cosmetics

Weight 38.5 g