Bifesta Cleansing Sheets with Oil (40 Sheets)

Bifesta Cleansing Sheets with Oil (40 Sheets)



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Sheets generously moistened with beauty enhancing oil for completely removing makeup, even waterproof mascara!

The double effects of cleansing oil that blends well with makeup and cleansing ingredients usually found in skin lotion quickly separate makeup – even waterproof mascara and thick foundation – from skin, gently lifting and enveloping makeup. Makeup and grim are removed, leaving your skin’s moisture intact. With squalene as beauty enhancing oil, the sheet moisturizes skin that has become rough from dryness and dirt, restoring moisture, softness, and beauty.

Product Description①

The liquid lapping sheet of beauty oil blending
Waterproof mascara also Suruntto drop!

The effect of W of cleaning ingredients derived from lotion and well fit cleansing oil to make,
Waterproof mascara and dark makeup wraps floated quickly,
You drop and do that gently while protecting the moisture of the skin.
Formulated with squalane beauty oil, moisturizes the skin Gowatsuku in a dry and dirt, leading to moist soft beautiful skin.

Product Description②

Easy with a single Kore from makeup remover to toilet water!

One Kore from makeup remover to toilet water! Even if not washed away OK.
It can also be used as a morning of wiping lotion.
Firm make off with a single!

Large sheet can take wipe the entire face with a single (150mm × 200mm)
Including plenty of liquid, soft sheet adopted gentle per skin
Friction-reducing prescription considering the tenderness of the skin

Allergy test patch tested
※ Not allergy skin irritation does not occur to people of all

how to use

Step ① cleansing liquid is plenty large sheet. You can firmly make off with a single.

Step ② is taken out one by one, you can use to dry skin. First of all, from the point make-up, such as the eyes or mouth. Eye makeup, wipe gently from for a while rub the folded sheet.

Step ③ repeated until no stick is dirt on the seat while folded wiping take so that the sheet with a clean surface.

Step ④ Makeup Remover Once seat to no longer stick dirt is completed. Since the moisture component remains on the skin, you do not need to wash away.
As it is OK proceed to the skin care of the next step. Please use the number is adjusted according to the make-up of the depth.


※ open the cap, please the middle plug ring opened by pulling a finger.
Please use wrong with your skin with care well or does not occur ※. Please do not use when there is a scratch or eczema or abnormal. Stimulus, color dropout (vitiligo, etc.), discontinue use and get an abnormal such as darkening please consult to Kawafu Department.
※ note that turning a blind eye Close your eyes, when you feel or abnormal when you enter, please rinse immediately. Abnormal If (blurred vision, etc.) remains, please consult to the ophthalmologist.
※ eyelash extension is that it may take a component and friction of cleansing, please note.
※ In order to prevent the deterioration of the quality due to drying, after use, please close tightly holding the cap.
※ Please use as soon as possible after opening.
※ Because this sheet is not soluble in water, please do not flow in the flush toilet.
※ When pressed strongly, such as inside of the bag, there is a case where the liquid comes out stains.
※ Please do not put it in the place where exposed to place direct sunlight and high temperatures.
※ Please put out of reach of children.

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