Lululun Lulun Precious Red [Moist] Face Mask 4FB 32 sheets (Essence 520 ml)

Lululun Lulun Precious Red [Moist] Face Mask 4FB 32 sheets (Essence 520 ml)



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10th anniversary of love!
Lururun Precious has welcomed the 10th anniversary and evolved.

“Skin Care so far, something different …?” Such a little adult’s skin, a little good fast aging care *.

A daily Famus mask on 365 days, delivering the necessary moisture for the skin, efficiently. And Yuku Yumi to independent skin that can maintain moisture. Let’s start with luxurious moisturizing for adults.

※ Care according to age

[Lururun Precious RED (Moist)]

To adult skin that is easy to dry. Skin skin
Wrap, Gokogok ※ Uruse to the skin.

※ From the stratum corneum

—I recommend this hotel—

✓ I want to manage adult skin dryness
✓ Watch the skin and worry about rough
✓ I want to start with fermented beauty

■ Point 1
Beauty ingredients are good!
Penetration ※ type ceram capsule (rice Familia) * 1

It is important to deliver adult skin to adult skin.

A ceram capsule similar to the composition of the skin spreads the moisture and softly softens the skin.
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Skin-familiar ceramic capsules,. The skin care ingredients that contained in the capsule dissolve deeper in the skin.
The capsule wrapped in the skin care component is the skin surface, and the inclusion component is deeper in the skin.

In the three steps, two rice-derived components * 2 lead to the skin of stickiness.

※ From the stratum corneum

1 Moisturizing ingredient Olizhanol, Inositol, hydrogenated lecithin
2 Olizhanol, Inositol

■ Point 2
L22® * A22-year-old sebum reproduced

Focus on “sebum” supporting a healthy skin environment. In complex oils and L22® from plants that reproduces healthy 22-year-old sebums, they compensate for their age, balance, and save dry and flood. Lead to healthy and lively hard skin.

Moisturizing component tri fatty acid (C18-36) glyceryl, tri-fatty acid (C12-18) glyceryl, jojoba ester, squalene, macadamanut fatty acid phytosteryl, phytosterols, tocopherol

■ Point 3
Saccharomyces / rice fermentation solution to deliver moisture *

To the skin of rice fermentation power essential for Japanese life. Tastefully off of the old horny skin staying on the skin ※ 1 and smoothly. Urugi penetrates ※ 2 to the environment where it is easy to do and delivers the deep moisture of the skin.

Moisturizing ingredients
※ 1 by 1
※ 2 · 3 square layers

■ Point 4
Acacia flower honey attracts a walnut

Moisturizing ingredients from Organic Acacia Honey. It is loved from the age of ancient Greece, and “the oldest skin care raw material” is a honey Chikala, leading to dry adult skin and leads to a dusty moist skin.

Moisturizing ingredient honey extract

■ Point 5
In a low stimulation prescription, comfortably

Do not compromise because it is one day. I would like to use it with confidence in peace, so I was committed to the non-coloring, no fragrance, no mineral oil and alcohol free low stimulation. Made in Japan, Stinging Tested *.

※ It does not mean that skin irritation does not occur in all people

■ Point 6
Ultra-thickness plump sheet, I can go to the skin

A three-layered super-thicker sheet was adopted with a “moisture storage layer” that contains a lot of beauty ingredients, and a three-layer structure that is gently sandwiched with a comfortable “penetration of the skin * support layer”. A sheet that has a well-held lotion of lotions is carefully irritated.

※ From the stratum corneum

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