ALBION Medicated Skin Conditioner Essential

ALBION Medicated Skin Conditioner Essential



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Aesthetic Readers Choice 2016 Best Cosmetics makeup water ed first place
@COSME Best Cosmetics large 償殿 party filled

Keep watch over the condition of the skin,
White medicated lotion that is loved in the name of Sukikon.
Established a break-prone skin condition in the change of the seasons and the environment fresh and healthy, there be skin, tightens comfortably prevent drying.
Skin and that was under the influence of ultraviolet rays, moisturize dry-prone skin, and actively support the skin, and prepares to beautiful skin in the clear.

It is familiar in the name of Sukikon, makeup water to be loved by many people across generations.
In its history, since its release, it puts the thought in every drop,
There was a history of love that has nurtured earnestly cherish.

Of Albion and Sukikon?
Since its birth in 1974, long-selling lotion continue to be loved by the nickname of “Sukikon”.
Comfort that can not be imitated, nor without so even if freshness,
Precisely because it Sukikon which has been facing in the skin and serious.
Going forward, more to the skin, continues to snuggle.
“Masterpiece of Albion” is, armed with pride, will continue walking.

There is a reason to-be loved
Sukikon supports the skin with refreshing coolness,
Lotion that leads to healthy skin and moist.
So prepare the conditions in accordance with the skin of the individual,
There is a Tanomoshi of which can be used regardless of the season and age.
At any time, anyone, to everyone we want to confront the true beauty.
First of all, please feel six Tanomoshi of.

Rough skin, any of
To the dried prone skin, moist giving needles.

Clear skin
The skin was cleaned, clean and bright.

Prevent hot flashes after sunburn, snow burning
It prevents chilly To Hotelli.

Tighten threshold skin
It prevents makeup.

Prevent acne
Sebum also clean, that there is no sticky feeling.

Fresh skin
Comfortably moistened, the refreshing and comfortable.

Active Ingredients: dipotassium glycyrrhizinate

To pursue the-Good material
To pursue the unknown effect of pearl barley, follow with was using a variety “north of the dove”.
20 years to the study. “North of the dove”, as a “Coix”
No one recognized in the country, is domestic pearl barley.
In addition, the pearl barley that inhabit originally in Asia warm region,
It succeeded in cultivation severe in Hokkaido cold.
Competitive environment, the life force rich pearl barley was realized.

Commitment to the extraction method
Through trial and error, the extract of pearl barley more efficiently
Can be extracted, it was newly adopted the method of “explosion”.

And white of the reason is in the oil
In order to penetrate the moisture to every corner of the stratum corneum,
The oil that fit with both the water and oil have been blended.
White reason, the oil in the ultra-fine particles, because they emulsified.
Even though refreshing, skin after the moist smooth is a thing due to the effect of the oil.
Image of “white”, even the smell of floral bouquet.
Do not forget, was the aim of impressive scent.

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