Horse oil Pega cream 50ml

Horse oil Pega cream 50ml



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Description of item

“Horse oil Pega Cream 50ml” is a cream using purified horse oil, which is extracted from the mane like a horse. To protect important your skin from drying out, giving the beam shine, keep the flexibility. Keep your skin with a healthy moisture established a moisture balance. Dry skin and face, hands, feet, You can use it to body care.

how to use

Since this product will help growth in the temperature of the skin, it took the appropriate amount, please stretched to massage. For example, after washing the face or after bathing, not just your face, you can use the whole body.


Horse oil, beeswax, tocopherol (natural vitamin E), retinol palmitate, corn oil, ascorbic acid Na (vitamin C derivative), bergamot fruit oil


● scratch on the skin, swelling, when an abnormality abnormalities and irritation and during and after use, or use when there such as eczema appeared, please contact such as in dermatology. ● extremely hot place, direct sunlight, please do not keep out of reach of children. ● After use, please tighten the lid. If you do not fit in your note your skin, please discontinue use.

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