LuLuLun Cleansing RESET WATER 500ml

LuLuLun Cleansing RESET WATER 500ml




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Cleansing to create a beautiful

Cleansing is “troublesome”
Cleansing is “not fun”
The cleansing of up to such now, Objection!

I mean, since the cleansing is a step in making beautiful skin.
Datte daily routine, because it should say is more fun.

In cleansing “good mood”
“Accustomed to clean” in the cleansing

Rururun cleansing, can feel every time you use
It is cleansing to create a clean.

Makeup, sweat, sebum, pollen, also PM2.5. Whole reset Water

It does not just make me dirty. While off float gently the makeup, the whole body whole she can clean reset cleansing water, we can!
Three of skin care ingredients * be blended, to make off while clear skin.

Moisturizing ingredient Bacillus fermentation product, skin conditioning component plankton extract, skin conditioning component Kedah mono passionflower fruit extract

Returning home after Sokko! Darker makeup * also gently off

◎ makeup sebum also firmly sweat off *
◎ like a was washing the face clean clean
◎ like a put lotion moist

There is a case that does not fall in the water proof type of cosmetics

Gentle washing component makeup and sebum, adsorbs stains such as PM2.5. The Slide gently is after you off cotton, moisturizing component will remain in the skin.

In less friction, gentle to the skin

If you gently cleansing the skin, it recommended 4 push. If plenty of Hitase the water to cotton, while suppressing the skin friction, makeup remover is complete with a small number of times. Since the rinse is also not required, to return immediately cleansing and moisturizing to out!

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