Orbis Orbis You Wash 120g

Orbis Orbis You Wash 120g




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[Deep moisture leads, Mizumuishi Hali skin experience]

The extening care for giving only the end mark (* 1).
Study the approach to make a beautiful approach with the original power of the skin and followed by a cell fitness. You will be fully filled with (* 2) moisture.
Aim for the skin self control. Please realize the effect from the cheek.

1 Do not give a lot to unnecessary things, and the idea of ​​the Orbis to complete basic aging care with 3STEP
2-square layers

※ Allergy tested = Not allergic does not occur.

[STEP 1 Cleanser] Orbis You Wash 120g

Penetration of lotions is confusing. Clean up the face cloudy cause of pores and sebum, and to a clear skin impression with a sense of fever. Booster Cleanser in Moroccan Lava Clay (Cleaning Components to Adorbugu).

Usage: About 1 cm

● No oil, no fragrance, no coloring
● Alcohol free
● Keporin booster (Yaguru Magic flower extract · Amamo extract · Momo leaf extract) = moisturizing ingredient that gives a feeling of harshness and a sense of hull on the skin
● Moroccan lava cray combination = cleaning component that adsorbs dirt ● Hydro catch component (polykeotanium-7) blending = moisturizing ingredient

Weight 143 g