Easy medication jelly stick type (25Gx6 lines)

Easy medication jelly stick type (25Gx6 lines)



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“Ryutsu Kuraku Drug Jelly Stick Type 25 g × 6 bottles” is an oblate jelly type (medication jelly) for easy taking medicine · supplements. Jelly is devised not to scatter. Multiple dose can be taken at once. It is a nonchalating nature that is boring in my throat. It does not affect the action of medicine. It does not disturb the absorption of medicine in the body. Synthetic coloring · preservative not used. Low calorie · non-sugar · no allergen. Lemon flavored with saliva. Used stick type.

Description of item

“Dragon angle scattered comfortably medication jelly stick type 25g × 6 pieces” is oblate jelly type of order to comfortably take the medicine supplement (medication jelly). Jelly has been devised that does not spatter. Multiple drug taking is also available at a time. Not boring in the throat, it is the property of not choking. This ingredients which do not affect the action of the drug. This property does not interfere with the absorption of drugs in the body. Artificial coloring, preservatives nonuse. Low calorie, sugar-free no allergen. Saliva is easy to get lemon taste. Stick type Single Use.

how to use

Please use put this product in a large spoon. Put this product into a container such as a cup, is also effective way to scoop with a spoon to wrap the medicine. Even if you are using a powdered medicine, please use the wrap without combined with this product.


● or changed color and mix with the medicine such as antibiotics, you might bitterness increases. [Precaution] ● This product is because it aims to take the help of medicine, please to compensate for the water, if necessary. For general medicine is absorbed into the body, it has moisture in the full glass of been needed. ● The constitution and physical condition of the person who is drinking, that it may your stomach loose, please pay attention to drinking too much. ● Due to the nature of the jelly, it will come out some of the moisture. After opening, please use the Discard the first to come out moisture. [Save-like attention of] ● opening before avoid the high temperature, please save out of direct sunlight. The (frozen not) ● stick has been opened please banged always use without storage.


Erythritol reduced maltose syrup agar gelling agent (thickening polysaccharides) acidulant calcium lactate flavoring sweetener (stevia) gardenia dye

Nutritional Information

One 25g per energy 4.5kcal protein 0g fat 0g carbohydrate 4g sodium 6.4mg sugars 0g sucrose 0g this product of nature acidic (pH about 3.7)

Weight 199.1 g