SOFTYMO Rachesuka hot gel mild cleansing 200g

SOFTYMO Rachesuka hot gel mild cleansing 200g



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Warming every day! Cleansing to smooth skin and pores care while.

[Hot gel mild cleansing secret. ]

■ friendly eyes, Matsueku with warm feeling gel feel also OK ■

Because soft gel that will melt, also be used in the eyes OK! OK even during Matsueku!
Waste * 1 also dull * 2 is also removed and, to smooth the skin a sense of transparency.

1 pores dirt
2 dead skin

■ easy to use comfort in the beauty liquid 90% ■

In gel made with plenty of beauty solution,
Washes moist not escape the moisture.

■ carefully selected to skin pores is anxious cosmetic ingredients ■

Cam cam Extract * 1GL (moisturizing), vitamin C derivatives * 2, malic acid citric acid (keratoplastic component)

1 mill Aria Deyubia fruit extract
2 Tetraisopalmitate ascorbyl

■ free prescription caring the skin ■

· Preservatives (parabens) free
And mineral oil free
Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free
Silicone free

It is a prescription stuck to the tenderness of the skin.

Weight 265.1 g