Orbis Orbis Clear Wash 120g [Foreign Formula]

Orbis Orbis Clear Wash 120g [Foreign Formula]




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[To the skin that is not bothered by acne *]

An acne care series that is blended with a Japanese-Chinese plant extract component.
By maintaining the skin barrier function, we will prevent acne that can be repeated and lead to a moisture and healthy skin.

Three kinds of Japanese-Chinese plant components “purple radel extract * 1”, “dicarium glycyrrhydric acid (derived from licorice (derived from licorice) * 2”, “Hatomi X (薏苡 エ エ エ エ* **”. Protect the skin from damage such as “Acne” and maintain the skin barrier function.
Due to the turbulence and stress of hormone balance, it is also approached to skin problems such as “redness” and “roughness”, while preventing acne, “redness” and “rough roughness”, and lead to moisture healthy skin.

1: cyconin
2: glycyrrhizinate 2k
3: Yokinin extract

※ Allergy tested = Not allergic does not occur.
※ Non-comed jenic tested = Not all people can not be comed (under acne).

[STEP 1 Cleanser] Orbis Clear Wash 120g (Medical Department)

Bound rich prescription that removes the dirt of the pores with a dense bubble, and the component is easily reached (*). Also. It is difficult to load acne skin by amino acid-based cleaning ingredients and clean it.

Usage: About 1 cm

= In-corner layers

● No oil, no fragrance, no coloring
● Glycyrrhydric dicarium (Lauder-derived) formulation = perfect for acne and rough steatening medicine
● Purple root extract combination =
● Permetable collagen combination = moisturizing ingredient giving a moisture to the skin
● Hatomgije extract combination = plant moisturizing ingredient
● Bound rich prescription = prescription to make elastic bubbles
● Amino acid-based cleaning component combination = ingredient which washes the skin quickly
● Alcohol free

Weight 169.4 g