[Category-2 drugs] Naishitoru 85a 50 tablets

[Category-2 drugs] Naishitoru 85a 50 tablets



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Description of item

“Naishitoru 85a 50 tablets” is, the extract was extracted from Chinese medicine prescription (Bofudori Kiyoshichi), it is a traditional Chinese medicine oral medicine that finished into tablets and dried. It was renewed to continue easily twice a day prescription. Promote the decomposition and combustion of fat, it is effective in improvement of obesity. Body fat was too attached to, in the so-called Shibobutori, especially those who fat accumulates easily in the stomach, suitable for constipation tend to person. To avoid denaturation of the components due to heat, it uses a special formula of cold concentrated, the various components contained in the 18 kinds of protozoa drugs have been devised so as not impaired. Order to spread to as quickly as possible the body, dare not, such as coating, because the powdered herbal extract is dried and hardened as a tablet, easy to dissolve in the body, is a medicine that herbal aroma of drifts.


To enhance physical fitness, to subcutaneous fat many abdomen, constipation often ones of next of various diseases: obesity, heart palpitations, stiff neck, hot flashes, edema, constipation associated with high blood pressure and obesity, sinusitis (sinusitis), eczema, dermatitis , pimples (acne)


Please take with water or hot water before meals or between meals the following amount [age: 1 dose] adult (over 15 years old): less than 5 tablets 15-year-old: 1, taking the number of times that you do not take … twice [DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION since the easy thing (2) moisture absorption to protect the relevant note] (1) stated dosage and to, that occupy tightly the cap each time of taking ※ the meals means “between meals”, after a meal about says that 2 to 3 hours


Daily dose (10 tablets) medium windproof TsuKiyoshi Chiryo dry extract / 2.50g (original crude drug in terms of the amount) Net / 0.60g peony / 0.60g Sinensis / 0.60g Sanshishi / 0.60g forsythia / 0.60g mint / 0.60g ginger / 0.15g ruin / 0.60g storm / 0.60g ephedra / 0.60g rhubarb / 0.75g sodium sulfate decahydrate / 0.75g Byakujutsu / 1.00g bellflower / 1.00g golden / 1.00g licorice / 1.00g gypsum / 1.00g talc / 1.50 as g additive, silicic acid anhydride, since the silicate Al, CMC-Ca, stearic acid Mg, containing the corn starch ● the agents are using a natural product (herbal medicine), there is the color of the tablet is slightly different

Notes on the storage and handling

(1) To keep sealed in a cool place with low humidity not exposed to direct sunlight (2) the cause of the thing to keep out of reach of children (3) Do not replaced with other container (misuse or quality changes) (4) does not deal with wet hands this drug (5) filling in the bottle to throw away at the time of unsealing because it is for the prevention of damage during transportation