IPSA ME Regular Type 3 (175ml)

IPSA ME Regular Type 3 (175ml)



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It fills the stratum corneum with moisture, and plumps and plumps, cosmetic liquid which leads to moist skin moistly. ME Regular 3 is greasy and at the same time feels like crispness and roughness, recommended for skin where pimples etc. are concerned. “Glycyrrhizic acid” to combat acne / acne is formulated. It prevents problems caused by drying and supports reincarnation of the skin. ME which can be chosen according to each individual bare skin type which is classified from “birth defective skin quality” that was born and “acquired skin condition” accumulated in the environment spent so far. Unique moisturizing ingredient Algermina EX leads to skin feeling with a transparent feeling like penetrating through.

[Recommended for people with such skin]
● Low moisture retention, strong sebum secretion, sticky skin that is sticky.
● Skin surface is stiff and smooth rough skin.
● Skin-like or adult acne, skin that easily causes problems such as gores.

[Congenital skin quality × acquired skin condition = bare skin type]
The impact of damage * accumulated depending on age and living environment is different for each person. For that reason, Ipsa classifies the skin into 17 types of “bare skin type” based on its own skin care theory.
It is congenital skin quality and acquired skin condition that decides “bare skin type”.
■ Congenital Skin Quality … It is judged by the amount of water and sebum amount that person was born.
■ Acquired Skin Condition … Estimated from the degree of influence on the skin accumulated in the environment and lifestyle habits.
“Bare skin type” is determined by congenital skin quality × acquired skin condition, and one ME selected according to “bare skin type” is selected.

ME Regular 3
· Congenital skin quality: low moisture retention, strong sebum secretion, greasy but skiny skin quality.
· Acquired skin condition … Damage ※ Condition with a small degree.
※ Damage … Drying etc.

【Original moisturizing component Algermina EX, to moisturize shining skin】
To bring out the natural beauty of the skin, Ipsa’s original ingredient “Algermina EX” was formulated.
“Argelmina EX” is a unique moisturizing ingredient of Ipsa blended with lemon extract and seaweed extract in a balanced manner, and it corresponds to moistening of the skin (horny layer).

Moisturizing component Algermina EX … seaweed extract (4), seaweed extract (1), magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, lemon extract, concentrated glycerin blended

【Disturb Skin, Approach to A-M Enzyme】
A – M enzyme is an enzyme present on the skin. It usually exists in an inactive state, but it is activated when the influence of external damage such as ultraviolet rays reaches a certain level, it becomes one cause of disturbing the skin.
Ipsa focuses on this disorder. By moisturizing the skin (horny layer) with ME, keeping the moistened state, it supports the natural force of the skin trying to reborn into a healthy state. The texture is adjusted and it leads to the skin with a transparent feeling that is bright and clear and rich in texture.

【Humidification of stratum corneum, prepare your skin environment】
To raise the vitality of the skin, nurture a beautiful skin from the core. To that end, it is necessary to create a 42-day skin cycle that revitalizes the skin.
The key of a normal cycle is moistening of the stratum corneum. Wetting of the stratum corneum is different from temporary moisturizing. By arranging the barrier function so as not to evaporate the moisture and prolonging the condition filled with moisture by the stratum corneum, the environment where the skin is born healthily is prepared.
Ipsa’s ME moistens the stratum corneum and supports your skin. Pull out the original beauty of the skin.

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