Lululun Lulun Over45 Iris Blue [Clear] Face Mask 2FB 32 (Essence 520ml)

Lululun Lulun Over45 Iris Blue [Clear] Face Mask 2FB 32 (Essence 520ml)



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10th anniversary of love!
Celebrating 10th anniversary and evolve significantly!

There is a sense of value for “Youngness = beauty”. People will be brushed for beauty only because they repeated various experiences. Lururun thinks so. So, from now on, don’t expose your age. Lururun Over45 leads to a lively skin with moisturizing veil * 2 in close contact with the skin. Well, let’s have a age.

※ Care according to one age
※ 2 Do not moisturize a face mask every day with a lot of lotion sheets

[Lurrun Over45 Iris Blue (Clear)]

Kusumi ※ on adult skin where it tends to accumulate.
To pumps to shine.

※ Due to old keratin

—I recommend this hotel—

● Adult dusumi ※
● Insufficient transparency
● Bond
● I want to prevent rough skin

■ Point 1
Adhesion, moisturizing veil ※ 1!

着 着 Focused ingredient: Galat extract *

Components focusing on the effective “delivery” of the ingredients. Beautiful skin film that imitates natural-derived skin forms “Second Skin * 2” on the skin. Lead to the skin that makes it from inside * 3.

Harishiya Component Caesulpinear Spinosa Fruit Extract, Kappa Ficus Albalaz Eko
※ 1 Moisturizing a face mask every day with a lot of lotion sites
※ 2 protection by moisture
※ 3 square layer

■ Point 2
Women’s Hari and Tuya

◎ 着 Focused ingredient: Iris root extract *

The ingredients of the roots of Iris containing flavonoids and isoflavones. Support the base of the skin care and give a feminine harvesting.

Moisturizing, Harishiya ingredients

■ Point 3
Glitter like prism

着 着 Focused ingredient: Nanairo seaweed extract *

Brightening ingredients from seaweeds living in the French Brittany region. Rainbow colored seaweed with excellent light diffusion efficiency, leads to the glittering skin like a prism.

Moisturizing, Harishiya ingredients
Harishiya ingredients Siestairata Malischloro extract

■ Point 4
Healthy gloss and elasticity

着 着 Focused ingredient: Akeevi placenta *

Extract rich in myoidositol, which has a function similar to vitamin B, which is called a beautiful skin vitamin. Drying is a skinward skin and approaches it, and gives a healthy gloss and elasticity.

Equipment component Akebi extract
※ From the stratum corneum

■ Point 5
To pure skin like glass

着 着 Focusing ingredients: Glass peptide *

Equipment components leading to beautiful clean skin like glass. Clear off the old horny skin that causes adult dullness ※! Take advantage of the skin surface smoothly.

Palmitoyle tetra peptide-10 ※ by boiling

■ Point 6
In a low stimulation prescription, comfortably

Do not compromise because it is one day. I would like to use it with confidence in peace, so I was committed to the non-coloring, no fragrance, no mineral oil and alcohol free low stimulation. Made in Japan, Stinging Tested *.

※ It does not mean that skin irritation does not occur in all people

■ Point 7
Ultra-thickness plump sheet, I can go to the skin

A three-layered super-thicker sheet was adopted with a “moisture storage layer” that contains a lot of beauty ingredients, and a three-layer structure that is gently sandwiched with a comfortable “penetration of the skin * support layer”. A sheet that has a well-held lotion of lotions is carefully irritated.

※ From the stratum corneum

Weight 715 g