Lululun Lulun Moist Gel Cream (Moisturizing Type) 80g

Lululun Lulun Moist Gel Cream (Moisturizing Type) 80g



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Gel like a gel,
It is a cream but it is fluffy!

[Urugai penetration, confinement with poppy. ]

Lururun Moist Gel Cream is a moisturizing type gel cream that protects your skin gently with adhesion and penetration and wrapping effects.
While liching, it is a cream like a cream like gel.
Of course, it can be used for these simple care as well as confinement care after lotion and face mask.

【I can not be betrayed by moisture】

In order to keep the skin base * beautiful, it is important to balance the moisture and oil of the skin. I looked at the ideal moisturizing cream while listening to everyone’s voice, and I came to see “I feel a solid feeling of use while being rich in the skin.”

Proprietary development of a micro gel structure that wraps cosmetic oil in gel. The feeling of use that wraps the feeling of use and the emollient ingredient, and the emollient, and the fluffy texture & high moisturizing is realized.

Horny layer

[Mochi sucking Purupuru skin, carefully selected beauty ingredients]

ク ク ク ソ seed oil
Oil extracted with cold press from Passion Fruit (Marakuya) seeds adhered in Amazon. With a rich nutrient such as tocopherol and β-carotene, we will compensate for oil and give healthy firmness to the skin.

○ Cactus extract
In the essence of Mexico’s intense sunshine, extreme drying, violent soaring difference, the vitality of Uchiwa cactus is essence. Keep skin moisture with the power of cactus that can keep safe storage in harsh environments. A wealth of nutrients prepare the skin condition.

〇 Althelomonas fermentation extract
Polysaccharide, Copara Condensation Examples Produced by Plactone, Southeast of the Pacific, French-Polynesia. Prepare the skin condition and prevent skin roughness and lead to healthy skin.

○ Polyquetronium-51
High moisturizing ingredients developed on the model of phospholipids that also contain phospholipids that are also included in the texture are characterized by making the skin easily and washed with water. You can confine the moisture on the skin surface.

【Puru fluffy texture】
I can’t put it because cream sticks … Such you to you. With a unique microgel structure, it does not stick to the extension, it is not easy to grow, and the fluffy texture is realized. The scent of a freshly spreading citrus lavender is colored comfortably.

Weight 319 g