Sofina Beaute High Moisturizing Lotion Moist 140ml

Sofina Beaute High Moisturizing Lotion Moist 140ml



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Gives resilience and high-density moisture to your skin. Enhances “a power of moisturizing” of the stratum corneum and keeps it healthy.
Keratin Moisture Retention Formula: Locks moisture in keratin fibers existing in the stratum corneum cells that are vulnerable to becoming hard and dry.
Take an appropriate amount (2.5cm in diameter circle) of lotion on your hand and apply it across your face.

Healthy to keep increasing the ““Uruou power”” of the stratum corneum.

● keratin water retention prescription
To the keratin fibers in the firm tends to become horny layer cell dry to let Kakaekoma the moisture.
The horny layer becomes soft and full of moisture.

● iTPS complex * (moisturizing) formulation
A component that was cultured from the petals of tuberose over a period of about three years, the carefully selected plant extract combination.

Chuberosu polysaccharide, eucalyptus extract, ginger root (ginger root) extract, glycerin

● up to moisture and high penetration * prescription * stratum corneum

Emulsions used after ● is, and prepares to more familiar skin.

Scent of ● faint Hanashizuku

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