Tiovita Drink Extra (100MLX3 pieces)

Tiovita Drink Extra (100MLX3 pieces)



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Taurine, Vitamin, Carnitine Chloride Formulation

Active ingredient Taurine 1000 mg formulation.
A Vitamin B group supplement for Vitamin B1 which decreases when with the expenditure of physical energy. Mixed fruit flavor easy to drink.

Description of item

“Chiobita drink 100ml × 3 This” is a nutritional supplement beverage of taurine, vitamins and carnitine chloride compounding. Such as vitamin B1 to decrease at the time of exhaustion, please to the supply of B vitamins. Quasi-drugs.

how to use

Adult (15 years of age or older), please take one once a day (100ml).


1, at the time of taking, note to the next thing.
 To protect the dosage and administration.
 2, during and after taking or taking, attention should be paid to the next thing.
 By taking this drug, diarrhea, if the symptoms such as rash appeared, stop taking the drug, you can consult your doctor or pharmacist.
 If even after taking this drug for a while not seen improvement of symptoms, to stop taking.
 By taking this drug, but urine may become yellow, this is due to vitamin B2 in this drug, do not worry.


Fructose glucose liquid sugar, DL-malic acid, propyl gallate, benzoic acid Na, pH adjusting agents, citric acid, citric acid Na, D-sorbitol, vanillin, ethyl vanillin, fragrances

Nutritional Information

One (100ml) in
 Taurine 1000mg, inositol 50mg, nicotinic acid amide 20mg, vitamin B1 nitrate 5mg, vitamin B2 phosphate ester 5mg, vitamin B6 5mg, carnitine chloride 100mg, anhydrous caffeine 50mg

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