Lululun Lulun Pure Pink [Balance] Face Mask 8FB 36 (Essence 520ml)

Lululun Lulun Pure Pink [Balance] Face Mask 8FB 36 (Essence 520ml)



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10 year anniversary! Great evolution in the 9th generation!

I wanted to be the first step in the face mask debut. I want to be a pure generation everyone’s buddy. Every day Face mask Lururun evolved to the 9th generation in the 10th anniversary of birth!

The new series “Luluulung Pure”.

[Lulurung Pure Pink (Balance)]

Keep your skin healthy every day,
Balance mask to protect moisture.

— Such you are pure pink! —

● I’m looking for a first face mask
● Casa Tsuru Tsuji Tsuji Tsubasa …
● I want to aim at the baby skin by preventing the rough skin

【Point 1】

Focus on delivery,
Skin trouble * Detect & Approach!

Focusing on the effective “delivery” of beauty ingredients, Active Delivery System (ADS) was adopted.
Healthy skin has an ion balance (+) (-) ion balance, but the rough skin is disrupted. Active delivery system (ADS) releases the turbulence of this condition at the pinpoint at the ion level, releases the cosmetic component wrapped in the capsule. The ingredients can be efficiently delivered to the appropriate part.

※ Drying by drying

■ key ingredient ■

· ADS-Cure Berry * 1

In order to protect the body, an anti-oxidant anthocyanin synthesized themselves. Detect & approach skin trouble * 2 to prevent rough skin and lead to pure bare skin.

※ 1 Bilberry leaf extract
※ 2 Drying

[Point 2]

Natural body To beautiful skin!

Skin flora * 1 that changes with the environment and life stress. It is important to adjust the basis of healthy skin bases * 2 with ideal balance. The basis * 2 is good and the skin is filled and the skin is filled and the skin is filled, and it is led to the natural body’s tiny skin.

※ 1 microbial plexus to skin
※ 2-stranded layer

■ key ingredient ■

Cranberry fruit extract

Skin flora * 1 focused on environments that are easy to hamper. Keep your skin condition healthy and prepare a fine texture.

· Soy lecithin ※ 2

Focus on a mechanism to make a body from the perspective of nutrition. Keep the delivered moisture firmly and adjust the foundation of the pure generation skin that tends to be disturbed.

· Lactic acid bacteria fermented extract ※ 4

Lactic acid bacteria-derived extract focusing on the balance of skin flora * 1. It leads to the skin that can be played with puron like a baby.

※ 1 microbial plexus to skin
※ 2 moisturizing ingredient lecithin
※ 3 square layer
※ 4 Harry water component lactobacteria fermentation liquid

【Point 3】

Low stimulation prescription that considered the skin!

· No fragrance
· No coloring
· Nanaric oil
· Alcohol free

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