Laborabo Super Pore Oil Cleansing 110ml

Laborabo Super Pore Oil Cleansing 110ml



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[Cleansing that can also be porcelain while offing hard makeup]

While having an outstanding cleansing power, it is oil cleansing that is also sticking to the skin to the skin. The stubborn horn plugs and roughness are also melted, and the bare skin of the ballast. Tighten the pores and wash away moist.

Make off the dirt from the back of the pores
100% plant-derived oil, hard makeup and water proof mascara are rapidly floating and dropped. The dirt of the depression of the pores also takes a solid.

Peeling effect that melts old horny and squatting
Last Acid * 1 · In combination of リ* リ * 1 and papain derivative * 1, it removes the soft torsion and old horny and leads to the soft bare skin of the ballast.

Four types of hair hollow care ingredients to tighten bare skin
Neurbara fruit extract
Arch choke leaf extract
Hamamelis leaf extract
Pepper soba extract

Royal jelly * 2 that makes pores noticeable

Hyaluronic acid * 3 and collagen * 3 are blended *, there is no feeling of feeling. Boiled skin is moist and smooth with refreshing washing.

Because it can be used with wet hands, use during bathing is also OK!

【Fragrant orange scent】

· No fragrance
· No coloring
· Nanaric oil
· Paraben-free
· Additive to alcohol
(Using vegetable original oils.)

※ Conventional comparison

1 Lactic acid, malic acid, papain derivative ()
2 10-Hydroxydecanoic acid (肌)
3 Hyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen (moisturizing ingredient)

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