ALBION Medicinal Skin Conditioner Essential

ALBION Medicinal Skin Conditioner Essential



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Winner of @COSME’s Best Skin Conditioner award of 2016!

Known as “SkinCon” in Japan, this medicated whitening toner continues to guard and protect the condition of your skin.

Protects against skin drying out or becoming dull due to the change of seasons or environment.

Moisturizes skin affected by UV-rays or that easily dries out. Actively supports skin leading to clear and beautiful skin.

This toner known as “SkinCon” has overcome generations to be loved by many. Since the launch of this product, Albion has put their heart and soul into the development of this product to reciprocate that love drop by drop.

・What is Albion’s Skicon?
A long-selling lotion that has been loved by the name of “Skicon” since its release in 1974.
The exceptional comfort and unconventional freshness of this product was born through our careful research of skins. We will keep looking carefully into skins and provide you with this Albion’s masterpiece with pride.

・Reasons why Skicon is loved by people
Skicon is a lotion that keeps your skin moist and heathy while supporting your skin with its fresh coolness.
A reliable lotion that can be used regardless of seasons or ages, as it conditions the skin according to each skin types.
Recommended for those who want to obtain true beauty.
Here are 6 reliable facts that Skicon offers you.

Useful for skin rough・skin liable to get rough
Gives moisture and firmness to the skin that easily dries out.

Gives you a clear skin
Purifies and brightens your skin.

The coolness of the lotion prevents you from having a burning sensation due to sunburn or snow burn.

Tightens your skin and prevents makeup deterioration.

Prevents pimples from foaming and makes your skin serum smooth.

Gives you a fresh, youthful skin by providing moisture to the skin.

Active ingredient: dipotassium glycyrrhizinate

・In pursuit of creating our original materials
This lotion uses “Kita no hato”, a breed that we have arrived at the end of 20 years of research in the pursuit of unknown effects of pearl barley.
It is the only home-produced pearl barley recognized by Japan.
Also, we have succeeded in cultivating pearl barley in severe cold weather in Hokkaido although it usually grows in warm areas in Asia.
We successfully obtained pearl barley that has a strong vitality and resistant to environmental conditions.

*Our original way of extracting pearl barley
After trial-and-error, we have adopted a new manufacturing method called “Blasting” to extract pearl barley more effectively.

・Oil is the reason for the lotion has a white color
In order to make the moisture thoroughly penetrate into stratum corneum, oil that blends well with water is contained in this lotion.
The white color comes from atomized and emulsified oil.
This oil makes your skin fresh and smooth.
It also has unforgettable, sticking scent of floral bouquet.

Weight 499.4 g