DHC Medicated Q Face Cream (50g)

DHC Medicated Q Face Cream (50g)



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A rich cream for firm, resilient skin with elasticity.
“DHC Medicated Q Face Cream” is a beauty cream that combines various medicinal ingredients such as placenta and licorice derivatives with Coenzyme Q10 and DHC’s proprietary technology for tackling skin care. It fights the effects of aging and ultraviolet rays, helping you maintain youthful, beautiful skin.
This rich and thick emollient formula spreads smoothly and evenly across your skin without feeling sticky. It locks in moisture, promoting elasticity and resilience.
With continued use, it will enhance the glow and transparency of your skin and you can feel the elasticity lifting from the inside out. Recommended for those who want firm, resilient skin with elasticity.

Fragrance-free · No added Coloring · Paraben-free · Contains Natural Ingredients

◇ With a rich cream, the pin and the elasticity of the upward direction to beautiful skin

DHC Drug Q Fruit Drink is a beauty creme that combines a variety of skin-care ingredients, such as plasters and licorice derivatives, as well as cosmetic ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10, which is proprietary to DHC’s unique skin technology. It protects the skin from the effects of skin, and supports youthful skin.
It is a rich, textured, rusty texture that gives a feeling of comfort to the skin and makes it easy to apply to skin with a high moisture retention effect.
As you continue to use, the feeling of transparency and toughening increases, you can not feel the real feeling of holding your skin from the inside … It is a cream that is recommended for those who are looking for a beautiful skin with elasticity that is thin and soft.

No flavoring, no coloring, parabens free, natural ingredients.

◇ Rich in beauty components and advanced component design, skin care worry Pawafuruapurochi

The Q series for medicines is a basic cosmetic series that is formulated with 10 times the concentration * 1 of the cosmetic ingredient Coenzyme Q10, which is considered to be essential for youthful skin.
It is a very important ingredient to keep your skin beautiful and your skin will be reduced to a peak. Coenzyme Q10.DHC has been found in this coenzyme Q10 and has been used for 6 years As a result, we achieved this high concentration by adopting a high-level ingredient design based on DHC’s original technology, and when we got the Q series for medicine, it was surprisingly coaxed into a thick yellow color You should not feel the high concentration of Q10 and your hands.

In the Q series for medicines, it is also possible to prevent the formation of melanin, to prevent the sun from burning and to prevent sunburn, and to protect the skin from aging skin, such as plant extracts, medicinal ingredients, licorice derivatives and allantoin, It is blended with a variety of cosmetic ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen which are widely used in cosmetics * 2. Coenzyme Q10 is a cosmetic ingredient that can be used as a cosmetic ingredient, Apply to skin that is bouncy, try it with a texturizer that will melt into the skin, and use it without worrying about skin quality or age.

1 Compared to conventional products
2 The water-soluble placenta extract is not formulated in the Sour Wooshing Creme, Femme Milk Packs, and is formulated as a cosmetic ingredient in the Quick Gourmet Mildew & Wrinkling Licorice Derivatives are used as a sweetener, It is not formulated in the roun liquor crème Hyaluronic acid and cologens are not formulated in the so-called whisking cream hand drum, Vitamin E is not formulated in the soap.
3 Evaluation of efficacy has been tested (lotion, gel, facial milk, facial cleanser, lotion cream, lingual cleanser only)

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