Sekkisei clear Wellness natural drip

Sekkisei clear Wellness natural drip



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A mellow as essence, comfortably penetration ※. Lotion to arrange a moisture barrier. Smooth to smooth transparent skin. ※ until the stratum corneum

● condensed nature of the grace that has been nurtured in the beautiful Earth. Is a lotion that leads to a smooth, transparent and realism skin.

● is in for a “skin long Tsukiaeru cosmetic water”. Gently wraps the skin with mild touch as essence, you can care comfortably every day. Penetration feeling like is sucked into the skin, the skin surface is not sticky, while filled with plenty of moisture, pores inconspicuous, and prepares to smooth smooth skin.

● unique component that was born from Japan of nature “ITOWA” compounding. Stuffing the beginning and the plant-derived component of the Wakan plant in luxury, to prevent any skin by increasing the quantity and quality of the moisture barrier, do not lose to the environment trouble, keeps the healthy skin.

● “Clarity boost component” compounding. It will accelerate the sense of transparency.

● feel the breath of nature, fragrance a sense of transparency.

● paraben (preservative) free

● non-colored

Weight 220 g