Angel Rifutogeru 150g of water

Angel Rifutogeru 150g of water



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It is exactly the angel of the emergence of new water!
Fast-acting that comes with Pin’! ! Staying power of the beam of fast-acting and moisturizing

The long-awaited angel of water “Premium Series”
To “water angel” very popular, such as all-in-one gel that can be used for the 5 roles, moisture shortage due to age, regain the Hari elasticity of your skin, high-function all-in-one gel is finally here!
The angel series of existing water is a series “angel premium of water” draw the line.

Achieve a natural sense of firmness
Angel of water, originally “It is moist, not sticky,” that was the cause of your popularity.
Once again, while there is a natural sense of firmness of “Pin’”, dampening neat coercive, it has realized an unpleasant sticky feeling and no tightness comfortable to use.
And unnatural tightness, there is no such excess sticky feeling.
On which get longer patronize, this “feeling” “natural comfortable to use” is considered to be very important.

★ This one, Rifutokea Aging Care milk lotion,
  It plays 6 roles of beauty liquid-makeup base.

★ renewal! Familiar moisturizing ingredients in the angel of water
 W collagen marine collagen ※ component name: hydrolyzed collagen (moisturizing)
          Pico collagen ※ component name: acetyl hydroxyproline (moisturizing)
 Sustainable hyaluronate ※ component name: acetyl hyaluronate Na (moisturizer)
 Permeable trehalose ※ component name: Glycosyl (moisturizing)

※ is that up to the stratum corneum and penetration.

★ derived from a plant! Hari elasticity component
 Collagen repair component ※ component name: rosemary leaf extract (moisturizing)
 Elastin repair component ※ component name: Inondoekisu (moisturizing)

★ aging care component
 Four types of ceramide mix ※ component name: ceramide 2, ceramide 3, ceramide 6Ⅱ, phytosphingosine)
 Coenzyme Q10 ※ component name: ubiquinone

※ aging care: is the care in accordance with the age.

★ fragrance-free, color-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil free

Weight 273.9 g