Melan CC Men Men’s Medicine Formatory Box Box Gel 100G

Melan CC Men Men’s Medicine Formatory Box Box Gel 100G




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“Merano CC Men Demotion Measures Whitening Gel” is a “vitamin C derivative (whitening component) * 1”, “Vitamin E derivative (bluemin E derivative) * 2”, and a blended moisture moisturizing gel. W vitamins penetrate to the back of the skin! It reduces the formation of melanin and prevents stains and freckles. Furthermore, three moisturizing ingredients “Alpinia White * 3” “Lemon Expo” “San She Fruit Extract” also blended. Give moisture to the skin.
Clean face, moisture supplementation after hiding! You can use it as a liliuler and cream instead of a lotion and essence. If you want to take measures against stains and freckles, lotion alone, recommend it to those who feel that moisturizing is not sufficient.
You can use it in the morning and evening. Fragrant lemon scent.
※ 1: L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside
※ 2: tocopherol acetate ester
※ 3: Alpinia cutlet madai seed extract

[Is there any trouble like this? ]

· I want to manage the stain that has recently increased
· I am measuring SIICare, but I am not satisfied with the effect
· I want to take measures against acne by age

[Man’s stained measures effective, one drop]

A prescription considering the skin characteristics of men, approaching a stain to be anxious!
Fragrant lemon scent.

· Suppress that stains are made
Active ingredient: active vitamin C

· We reduce sebum and promote skin turnover
Active ingredient: Vitamin B6

· Prevent pores with square softening and peeling effect
Active ingredient: salicylic acid

· Sterilize the Causes of acne
Active ingredient: isopropyl methylphenol

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